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Advantages of supercapacitors (I)

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      Supercapacitors are also called supercapacitors, gold capacitors, gold capacitors, energy storage capacitors, Farah capacitors, electrochemical capacitors or double layer capacitors (EDLC, or Electric Double Layer capacitors), which store electricity by polarization electrolytes. A new type of electrochemical device. It has the characteristics of small resistance, long life, safety and reliability, huge energy storage, fast charging. It is a new type of power energy storage element which appeared with the breakthrough of material science in recent ten years, and its batch production is only a few years. The January 2007 issue of the world-famous scientific and technological journal Discovery magazine lists supercapacitors as one of the seven largest technological discoveries in the world in 2006. It is considered that supercapacitors are a revolutionary development in the field of energy storage. And will replace traditional batteries in some areas.

     The supercapacitor has a huge capacity because it stores energy in a way that separates the charge. The larger the area of storage charge, the smaller the distance from which the charge is isolated and the larger the capacitance. Super capacitors are derived from porous carbon-based electrode materials whose porous structure gives them a surface area of up to 2,000 square meters per gram of weight. The distance between charges in the supercapacitor is determined by the size of the ion in the electrolyte, which is less than 10 A. The huge surface area and the very small distance between the charges make the super capacitor have a very large capacity. The capacitance value of a supercapacitor unit that can range from one farrar to several thousand faras.


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