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Additional function of thin Film Capacitor

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Additional conditions for thin film capacitors are as follows:

1) the thin film capacitor adopts intelligent zero-crossing switching circuit to realize equal voltage input, zero current removal, no switching useless Liu impact, no operating overvoltage, no arc reburning, which greatly improves the equipment voltage resistance, current shock, and low power consumption. It reduces energy consumption by 80% in conventional capacitor cabinets.

2) realize the single-phase compensation separately, solve the unbalanced condition of three-phase load of thin film capacitor, and compensate the large reactive power gap separately, and achieve the optimal compensation effect.

3) temperature sensors reflect the over-current, over-harmonics, excessive leakage current and high ambient temperature of the capacitors, which lead to the internal heating of the thin film capacitors and the realization of over-temperature protection.

4)  cancel the controller, adopt the decentralized control mode, prevent the whole system from being paralyzed because of the fault of the controller, and ensure that there is no surge current, no operating overvoltage, no arc reburning, no failure rate and so on.

5) changing the conventional mode wiring of thin film capacitors is complicated and invariable, which is suitable for the development of enterprises.

6) ensure the system voltage is stable and qualified, and improve the power factor.


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