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A practical method for judging the Capacitance of porcelain Chip

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The method of whether the ceramic chip capacitance is short circuit is to measure its DC resistance with the R × 1K block of the multimeter. If the resistance between the two legs of the ceramic chip capacitor is infinite, or more than a few hundred kilos, then the capacitor does not have a short circuit. If the resistance value is very small (a few ohms to several thousand ohms), then the capacitor has been short-circuited and can not be used.

For an internal unshort-circuited ceramic chip capacitor, the following methods can be used to determine whether it is short-circuited or not, to find a test pen of normal performance, to insert the hole in the flaming line of the 220V AC power outlet, and the one foot of the ceramic chip capacitance of the palm of the hand, If the neon lamp in the test pen is lit up, it means that there is no short circuit inside the capacitor and the performance is good; if the neon lamp is not on, The internal capacitance of the ceramic chip to be tested has been broken. When using this method to test, the hand that holds ceramic chip capacitive pin does not wear glove, otherwise neon bubble won't shine. The larger the capacitance of the measured capacitor, the brighter the neon bubble. Other small capacitors can also be tested in this way.

The above two judgment methods are simple and practical. Learning new skills can solve problems quickly. The choice of quality guaranteed ceramic chip capacitance will also reduce unnecessary trouble.


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