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A first experience of the function of monolithic capacitors

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The capacitance frequency characteristics of different materials are also different. Technical engineering also needs to be familiar with the frequency characteristics of different materials. For example, the high frequency compensation medium has good frequency characteristics, and the X7RX Y5V is worse. In the use of power supply EMI filter, the capacity is as large as possible, so Y5V monolithic capacitor can be used, also said Y5V monolithic capacitor can replace electrolytic capacitance. For bypass purposes, such as the virtual circuit of an integrated circuit connecting the bypass capacitance next to the pin, at least use the X7R capacitor. LC circuit must use NPO capacitor. Due to the poor performance of Y5V, Zhixu electronics are usually not recommended for use, which requires technical engineers to consider using the X7R capacitance as much as possible.

Generally speaking, ESL, ESR is small, is relative to the electrolytic capacitance. In essence, at high frequency monolithic capacitance of ESL, ESR can not be neglected. Usually, the simple harmonic vibration of C0G capacitor is hundreds of MHz, the simple harmonic vibration of X7R monolithic capacitor is tens of MHz, and the simple harmonic vibration of Y5V capacitor is only a few megahertz or less than 1 MHz. The harmonic vibration point indicates that this frequency is higher. The capacitor is usually not a capacitor but an inductor.


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