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A detailed description of thin film capacitors(II)

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Usually, thin film capacitors are made by using aluminum and other metal foil as electrodes and then winding them together. But there is also a method of making thin film capacitors, called metallized films, in which a thin layer of metal is evaporated on a plastic film as an electrode. . Common MKP capacitors, for example, are synonymous with metallized polypropylene film capacitors, while MKT are synonymous with metallized poly (ethylene glycol) capacitors.

The films used in metallized thin film capacitors are polyethyllum, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and so on. In addition to the winding type, there are also stacked types. The metallized film capacitor of this type has a so-called "I / I" effect, that is, if the tiny part of the electrode is short-circuited because of the weakness of the electrical boundary, it causes the metal of the electrode around the short-circuit part.


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