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The direction of manufacturers to design film capacitors

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Film capacitor is one of the most important components in electronic products, and basically all electronic products will use this component. With the development of the industry, understanding and familiarity with film capacitor has become a course of great importance for major manufacturers, because everyone wants to quickly produce good film capacitor. Many manufacturers focus on R&D and design, and want to develop unique products.

Film capacitor is a kind of capacitor with excellent electrical characteristics and stability. It has a long life and can meet the needs of various applications. Many film capacitor manufacturers will choose the appropriate dielectric to make their film capacitors according to the specific application, but the basic performance is still required. For example, polyester films made by manufacturers show good characteristics in common applications, with high dielectric constant, high dielectric strength, self-healing properties, and good temperature stability.

Of all the various types of film capacitors, polyester capacitors offer volume efficiency at modest cost and are a popular choice for dc applications such as decoupling, blocking, bypassing, and noise suppression. Another example is that some manufacturers manufacture capacitors made of metallized polypropylene film. This capacitor has the characteristics of low dielectric loss, high insulation resistance, low dielectric absorption and high dielectric strength, and its long-term stability is very good. These characteristics make metallized polypropylene film capacitors an important choice for applications such as ac input filters, electronic ballasts, and snubber circuits, and are also widely used in switching power supplies, frequency discrimination, and filter circuit storage.

Typically, for high value-added products, designers need to focus on perfecting differentiating features in the product, including special molds, capabilities, stylish shapes, or long battery life. Sometimes product designers and capacitor manufacturers need to customize solutions to meet special challenges, such as application requirements, meeting special market requirements, or needing to pass specific tests. If the expected volumes are large enough to make this technique feasible, space and unit product costs can be saved.

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