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T type metallized safety film

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            Anhui Safe  Electronics Co.Ltd. Newly developed 1/2 T-type, T-type, T-type universal safety film.

            Safety film working mechanism:


    Metallized safety film adopts the special processing technology, the vacuum coating of micro-fuses uniformly distributed on the whole metal electrode, that is, the entire metal electrode are devided into a lot of units in same shape and with identical area by several very narrow insulating gaps, when any plate unit in the capacitor breakdown occurs, in a very short moment a large current rush to the breakdown point, when the current reaches the action threshold of miniature fuse , the miniature fuse instantly acts, the metal layer around the breakdown point also rapidly evaporates and forms an insulating region so that the plate unit where the breakdown point is detached from the whole capacitor plate , the self-healing energy can be controlled at a suitable value. Although the self-healing process is extremely short, the adjacent layer film will not be affected dielectric strength, which can effectively prevent the continuous breakdown of the capacitor self-healing. Safety membrane not only does not require built-in mechanical explosion-proof mechanism, but also its good self-healing property greatly improves product reliability and longevity


          T type metallized safety film:

    T type metallized safety film lies along its length on the side of metallized layer , there is a very narrow longitudinal insulating gap of the effective area of the plate separated from the metal layer contacted the gold layer, whats more, there are many lateral insulating gaps along width of metallized film by which the plate is divided into many identical shape and equal plate units, each plate unit bridges with gold-plated metal coating by one or more micro-fuses . T type The advantages of T type metallized safety film is to ensure reliable open circuit failure of capacitors.Security level can reach P2 level. To reduce costs, we make a film layer of safety film and a layer of ordinary metal film for each capacitor, the same effect can also be achieved, the shell will not burst by no means..





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