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Selection of Patch Capacitor

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When selecting a patch capacitor, choose according to its properties. Three points should be noted:


First, a patch capacitor is a "container for storing charges." Although there are a wide variety of patch capacitors, their basic structures and principles are the same. A patch capacitor is formed by a material (solid, gas, or liquid) separating between two pieces of metal that are very close to each other. Two pieces of metal are called polar plates, and the material in the middle is called a medium. Patch capacitors are also divided into fixed capacity and variable capacity. But the common capacitor is fixed capacity, the most common is electrolytic capacitor and ceramic chip capacitor.


Second, select the patch capacitor to solve the problem of voltage resistance. The voltage applied to the two ends of a patch capacitor exceeds its rated voltage and the patch capacitor is broken down. The general electrolytic capacitor has a voltage range of 6.3V 10V 10V ~ 16V ~ 25V ~ 50V and so on. The capacity of different patch capacitors to store charges is also different. The amount of charge stored when the patch capacitor is added to a 1 volt DC voltage is defined as the capacitance of the patch capacitor.


Third, in the electronic circuit, only in the process of charging the patch capacitor, there is a current flow. After the charging process, the patch capacitor cannot pass through direct current, and plays the role of "isolated direct current" in the circuit. In the circuit, the patch capacitor is often used as coupling, bypass, filter and so on.


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