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Reasons for the Use of Safety Gauge Capacitors in Serial Lines

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(1) Can raise the voltage in the line. Capacitor connected in series in line, according to the reactance of capacitive reactance link line, the voltage of the line can be slowed down so that the voltage at the end of the line can be increased, and the voltage performance at the end of the line can be improved by 1020%.

(2)Reduce the voltage pressure of the terminal. When the line is subjected to a series of greatly changed impact load (such as arc furnace, welding machine, etc.), the safety gauge capacitor can reduce the high energy fluctuation of voltage. The complementary function of the capacitor in the line to decrease the voltage intensity is changed with the load of the capacitor. It has the characteristics of changing with the load and can automatically maintain the voltage value of the user terminal.

(3)Upgrading line transport power. The voltage drop and power consumption of the line are reduced because of the series of compensating reactance of the safety capacitance in the line, which improves the transmission capacity of the line relatively.

(4) Perfected the dispersion of system trends. In some circuits in the circuit network, the series safety capacitors have partially changed the line reactance, its current flow according to the determined line, so that the distribution of power economy can achieve the purpose.

(5) Improve the stability of the system. The transmission capacity of the line is improved after the line is connected into the capacitor, which in itself improves the static stability of the system.

I did not expect that the safety gauge capacitor in series in the line there are such advantages, but not all capacitors are suitable, so we still make sure that there are no safety risks before using caution.


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