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Methods to solve Capacitor failure(II)

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Power pulling method


Power pulling method refers to the normal power supply and voltage pull off to make it in an abnormal state, and then expose the weak link or fault, and then can reflect the fault or near fault parts of components and capacitors. This method is usually used in the case of fault caused by long working time or when the fault is caused by the fluctuation of power network. It is worth reminding that the power pull-off method has a certain degree of destruction, before using this method must check the insurance coefficient or other factors, remember not to use casually.

Replacement spare parts method

By monitoring the parts or components of capacitors that have been taken off, and then replacing the qualified spare parts, a comparative analysis is made of the failure phenomenon, such as whether the failure phenomenon has disappeared, Finally determine whether the fault source point is in the removed parts, this method is to replace the spare parts method.


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