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Methods to solve Capacitor failure (I)

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Pull-out insertion method

The method of pull-out insertion is to monitor the process of pull-out and insert of component board or plug-in board, and judge whether the connection interface of pull-out and insertion is the place where the fault occurs. It is worth noting that when the pull-out method is used for failure analysis, there will be a special situation in the process of pull-out and insertion of the component board or plug-in board, that is, the place where the state changes is sometimes not just the connection interface. Maybe something else. So in the application of pull-out insertion method, we should pay attention to observe each part and subtle changes, in order to make the correct judgment.

Sensory discrimination

According to the shape of the capacitors, the temperature and the degree of the soft and hard parts, the smell of nose and the sound of the ear, the method of sensory discrimination is the way to judge whether there is abnormal or not. Sensory discrimination is simple and economical, but the content that can be distinguished will be restricted by the sensory ability.


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