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How to judge the quality of capacitors

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Capacitor is a component that can store electric charge, and it is also one of the commonly used electronic components. It is rich in categories, including film capacitors, CBB capacitors, safety capacitors, etc., which are widely used in various fields. Under normal circumstances, to judge the quality of the capacitor, the R×10, R×100, and R×1K blocks of the multimeter will be selected for testing and judgment.The red and black test leads are respectively connected to the negative pole of the capacitor (the capacitor needs to be discharged before each test), and the quality of the capacitor is judged by the deflection of the needle. If the watch hand swings to the right quickly, and then slowly returns to the left, the capacitor is generally good.If the needle does not rotate after swinging, it means that the capacitor has broken down. If the watch hands gradually retreat to a certain position after swinging up, it means that the capacitor has leaked. If the needle can't swing, it means that the capacitor electrolyte has dried up and lost its capacity.

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