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Four advantages of film capacitors used in new energy

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In the development of new energy, film capacitors have always been the focus of everyone's attention. So what are the advantages of film capacitors compared with aluminum electrolytic capacitors in new energy sources? Let's take a look with the editor. I hope the content of this article can help you!

1. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are liquid capacitors and have a certain time of use. Nowadays, many users of solar energy and wind energy products require more than 15 years of product use time, and the product must be acceptable within 15 years, because wind energy products Repairs are expensive and difficult. Film capacitors are solid capacitors, which can meet the requirements of this use. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the volatilization of electrolytic liquid materials. Generally, they cannot reach the long-term use time of 15 years. If they want to reach the experimental use time of 15 years, it means that the period Change it two or three times.

2. The second advantage is that due to the characteristics of the dielectric material of the film capacitor, its ESR value is low, so its calorific value is very low, and in addition, it can achieve a very high resistance voltage.

3. The third feature is that it has the characteristics of a wide operating environment temperature range, which is also the difference between liquid capacitors and solid capacitors. Film capacitors have good stability at low temperatures.

4. The filtering ability of film capacitors is many times stronger than that of aluminum capacitors. If the filtering is better, film capacitors can be used, and the conversion efficiency is very high. This is the current trend in the development of wind energy and solar energy applications.

After reading the above introduction, do you know anything about film capacitors in new energy? If you need sample testing, you can call and email us to provide you with it.


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