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A new coating equipment arrived

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    On July 18th evening, a new coating equipment arrived at Anhui Safe Electronics Co., Ltd. Workers started to install on 19th and finally finished until the end of last week. Today the new equipment is in trial stage. Though the temperature is up to 37 ℃ , the factory workers still passionately devoted themselves in perfusing, assembling, testing. Each step is the result of workers hard work. Despite the hot weather, the enthusiasm of the workers went even more motivating .Everyone believe that Safe Electronics will take the lead in the field of capacitor and film for capacitor field, and become a benchmark in the near future. With the applying of new equipment,Safe Electronics is getting closer to its target: focusing on new energy field of high-tech enterprises and devoted to becoming a world-class supplier. Safe Electronic is approaching steadily towards that target. We are looking forward to welcome a stronger and better Safe Electronics.

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