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What is the JD222M capacitor

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JD capacitors are Ange Y1 capacitors. 222 referring 2200PFs, is capacity , which is one of the specifications of Ange Y1 capacitors, M represents the error value, also known as precision M error value is ± 20%. The rated voltage of JD222M capacitor is 400V and 500V, the test voltage resistance can reach 4000VAC, the voltage is raised by 20%, it is safer. Many Ange Y1 capacitors specifications can adapt to all kinds of electronic products, and with many scientific and technological products into all corners of our lives. We editor today sort out the size of the JD222M capacitance specifications for you.

A JD222M capacitor is designed primarily for operating frequency AC voltages that can be used to reduce electromagnetic interference from electrical appliances, electronic devices, or other sources of interference. JY capacitor is Ange Y1 capacitor 222 also is 2200PF, referring capacity. M is the error value, also known as precision .M error value is± 20%.


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