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Small high voltage film capacitor

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There are many types of film capacitors, mainly polyethylene capacitors, polypropylene capacitors, polystyrene capacitors and polycarbonate capacitors. So do you know what small high-voltage film capacitors are? Don’t worry, the editor will tell you about it below.

Small structure film capacitors involve capacitor structures, including two leads, capacitor core and body. The capacitor core in the body uses a metallized film layer as the medium and aluminum foil as the electrode, the end face is connected with the aluminum foil using a gold spray layer. The lead wires are welded to the gold-sprayed layer on the end surface, and the body is composed of dielectric and electrodes wound and powder epoxy encapsulated.

It is characterized in that the nominal distance between the leads is not greater than 5mm, the capacitor core is wound by a metallized film in a series structure, the metallized film is composed of a film and a metal plating layer attached to the film. An edge structure is provided on one side, both sides, or in the middle of the metallized film.

Small structure film capacitors solve the problems of low reliability, low use time and inability to meet ultra-small volume requirements of low-power energy-saving lamp starting capacitors. It has high rated working voltage, less waste, saves resources, and is conducive to improving the environment. It has strong moisture resistance and temperature shock resistance, and can work normally in the working environment of 85℃-110℃ for a long time.

It has excellent resistance to charge and discharge, and is especially suitable for starting and freewheeling capacitors on energy-saving lamps with higher requirements. It is also suitable for LC and RC oscillation circuits, differential circuits, switching acceleration circuits and transistor overvoltage protection circuits. This type of capacitor has a long service life, high reliability, and is environmentally friendly. It can be used in situations where high voltage, large current, and miniaturization are required.

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