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What are the precautions for aluminum electrolytic capacitors used in LED lighting circuit?

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In view of the operating conditions of LED lighting power, the following key points must be paid attention to when choosing the electrolytic capacitor.

1. The product requires long life and good sealing effect. Aluminum shell should be made of aluminum shell produced by multi-step drawing process, and rubber stopper should be chosen with good air tightness of butyl rubber. The length of the guide pin is the same as that of the rubber stopper, which can be well jointed.

2. The impedance characteristics of the electrolytic capacitor are good, using the electrolyte of high conductance and the low specific volume of the cathode foil to reduce the loss value of the product so as to withstand the larger ripple current and reduce the heat of the capacitor itself.

3. The product can withstand high temperature, and the working electrolyte with long branched chain acid should be used to improve the high temperature characteristics of the product.

4. Change the structure of the inner core of the capacitor, use the narrow guide needle, the negative electrode pad foil or pad paper, use the electrolytic capacitor paper with high density and low impedance value, so that the product has low impedance and can withstand the breakdown, and improves the capacity of the capacitor to withstand high current impact. As long as the electrolytic capacitor manufacturer can improve the above aspects, it will surely improve the service life of electrolytic capacitors on the LDE lighting power supply.


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