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Types and Characteristics of Patch Capacitors(II)

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(II)X7R capacitor

X7R capacitors are called temperature stabilized ceramic capacitors. When the temperature ranges from -55 ℃ to + 125 ℃, the capacity of the capacitor changes to 15. It is important to note that the change of capacitor capacity is nonlinear at this time.

The capacity of X7R capacitor is different under different voltage and frequency, and it also changes with time, about 1% Δ C is changed every 10 years, and the change is about 5% in 10 years.

X7R capacitors are mainly used in industrial applications with low requirements, and their capacity changes are acceptable when the voltage changes. Its main feature is that at the same volume of capacitance can be done relatively large. The capacity range of the X7R capacitor is given in the following table.

Seal  DC=50V DC=100V

0805 330pF---0.056μF 330pF---0.012μF

1206 1000pF---0.15μF 1000pF---0.047μF

1210 1000pF---0.22μF 1000pF---0.1μF

2225 0.01μF---1μF 0.01μF---0.56μF


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