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Ten Parameters of Inverter (I)

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You must know the frequency converter's several main parameters mainly because the frequency converter function parameter is many, generally all has dozens of even hundreds of parameters for the user to choose. In practical application, it is not necessary to set and debug each parameter, most of which can be set by factory setting. However, some parameters are related to the actual use of the situation, and some are related to each other, so we should set and debug according to the actual situation.  .

Because of the different functions of different types of frequency converters, and the same functional parameters of the name is not the same, for the convenience of description, this paper takes Fuji frequency converter basic parameter name as an example. Because the basic parameters are almost all kinds of frequency converters, it can be achieved by analogy.  .

Acceleration time is the time required for the output frequency to rise from 0 to the maximum frequency, and the deceleration time is the time required to decrease from the maximum frequency to 0. The acceleration and deceleration time is usually determined by frequency setting signal rise and fall. The rate of rise set at the speed of the motor to prevent overcurrent, and the rate of descent when decelerating to prevent overvoltage. Acceleration time setting requirements: the acceleration current below the frequency converter overcurrent capacity, do not cause overcurrent stall caused by the converter tripping; deceleration time setting point is: to prevent the smooth circuit voltage is too large, The frequency converter is tripped without causing the regenerative overvoltage to stall. The acceleration and deceleration time can be calculated according to the load, but in debugging, the longer acceleration and deceleration time is usually set according to the load and experience, and the overcurrent and overvoltage alarm are observed through the starting and stopping motor, and then the acceleration and deceleration setting time is gradually shortened. With the principle of no alarm in operation, repeated operations several times, you can determine the best acceleration and deceleration time.


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