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Single-phase AC motor

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Generally, capacitance of a single phase motor is designed according to motor power, such as 1 kW dual value capacitance motor starting capacitance between 100uf and 200uf capacity.Operating capacitance is about 30uf. 

Single-phase motor is usually referred to as single phase AC power supply (AC220V) power supply small power single phase asynchronous motor.

This motor usually has two phases windings on stator and rotor is normal cage type.

Different starting characteristics and operating characteristics can be produced by distribution of two phase windings on stator and different power supply conditions.

Generally speaking, in single phase capacitor starting motor, capacitance capacity increases 1 time in series, increases startup torque only 50%, while starting current increases 200%.

When capacitance capacity increases 2 times, starting torque increases nearly 2 times, but motor efficiency decreases by 50% when capacitance capacity increases 2 times.

This makes the motor almost unable to drive the original load such as continue electric power motor long time in loading state will burn winding.

When replacing starting and operating capacitance, select capacitance similar to original configuration parameter.


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