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Reliability of installation and welding of capacitors

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If the capacitor is a recent factory product, and solderability has met the requirements, generally do not need to dip tin pretreatment. However, if the storage time is longer, the tin immersion should be controlled beyond 3.2 mm of the seal stipulated in the technical specification, and avoid excessive time or temperature, resulting in sealing melting or lead wire and electrode de-welding. For chip capacitors, we should avoid the use of high activity, strong acid flux, so as to avoid cleaning unclean, penetration, corrosion and diffusion and affect the reliability of the product. At the same time, the welding temperature and time of the chip capacitor should be controlled (usually 260  / 10 seconds). When the capacitor is installed, it should be away from the heating element. Capacitors of larger sizes should not be installed with capacitor pins, and clamping devices should be designed to prevent breakage or seal damage of the lower leads during vibration or impact. During installation, the capacitor should also be as marked as possible surface exposed, so as to observe.


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