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Measuring method of compressor capacitance

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1. Use the resistance range of a pointer multimeter to roughly measure the charging and discharging time: the red and black test leads are in contact with the two poles of the capacitor respectively. If the needle rises quickly and then slowly falls back to the original position, it is a good capacitor. If the needle does not rise or cannot return to the original position after rising, it means that the capacitor is bad;

2. Use a digital multimeter capacitor file or special capacitor measuring instrument to measure;The selection of compressor capacitor needs to be based on its appearance and capacity, and it is also necessary to master and understand its inspection method, which can effectively help people understand and check whether there is a problem.Only in this way can we ensure whether there is a problem with the compressor capacitor that is causing it to fail to operate normally.

High voltage chip capacitors, also known as ceramic multilayer chip capacitors, are made using ceramic powder production technology with precious metal palladium inside. Silver is plated on the ceramic as an electrode using a high-temperature sintering method.The product is divided into two materials: high-frequency porcelain NPO (COG) and low-frequency porcelain X7R.NPO has a small package size, a high temperature coefficient capacitor, and good high-frequency performance. It is used in highly stable oscillation circuits as circuit filter capacitors.X7R ceramic capacitors are limited to bypass or dc blocking in circuits operating at normal frequencies,or situations where stability and loss requirements are not high,this type of capacitor is not suitable for use in alternating current (AC) pulse circuits because they are easily broken down by pulse voltages, so their use in AC circuits is not recommended.


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