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CBB65 air conditioning capacitors details analysis

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Cbb65 air conditioning capacitor, as the name implies, is the container used by air conditioning to hold electricity. It is a kind of device to hold charge, and the rise of the electrical industry gradually. It slowly drives the capacitor in the electric appliance market, so what role does the air conditioner capacitor have in the end? What do you need to pay attention to if you want to buy it? Let's introduce you now.

        The cbb65 air conditioner capacitor is a device that starts the motor. If the motor does not turn after the power on, it may be that the capacitor is broken and the motor does not rotate. Of course, the fan will not blow the air, so the air conditioner capacitor is an important device for the operation of the air conditioning. To check if the capacitor is damaged, use the ohmic range of the pointer multimeter to measure the price of the air conditioner capacitor, if the pointer is deflected, but then return to a certain value. This means that the air conditioner capacitor is not damaged, on the contrary, if the pointer points directly to zero or is abnormal infinite, then the capacitor has been ruined. Just go to the store and buy a new capacitor of the same size to replace the air conditioner.


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