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Angle Modulation of Thermistor

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Thermistor means the abbreviation for "heat sensitive element" in one word. Thermistors consist of two basic categories, namely, temperature coefficient thermistors with positive resistors and thermistors with negative temperature coefficients. The negative temperature coefficient thermistor is very suitable for high accuracy temperature measurement. To determine the temperature range of the thermistor, you may wish to use the formula of the temperature coefficient to calculate the temperature coefficient: T=1/A0+A1lnRT+A3lnRT3)). T is the absolute temperature scale ;RT is the resistance of the thermistor at temperature T, while A0, A1 and A3 are constants supplied by the thermistor manufacturer.

The resistance of the thermistor varies with the change of temperature, and the change is angle-modulated. The formula for calculating the temperature coefficient also illustrates this point. During the temperature survey, it is necessary to start an investigation current through the thermistor to create an equivalent voltage, which has a nonlinear response. You can use the reference table on the microcontroller to try to supplement the angular modulation response of the thermistor. .

You can also use "nonlinear computing" techniques and a less accurate ADC before digitizing. One skill to share with this application is to connect a resistor variable to a thermistor RTHERM as well as a voltage or power supply.


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