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Analysis of the role of film capacitors, which fields are they used in

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What fields are film capacitors used in?

Film capacitors are also called plastic film capacitors in the living environment. They mainly use plastic films as dielectrics. Due to the different electrical properties of capacitors, there are many types of capacitors. Such as electrolytic capacitors, air capacitors, paper capacitors and film capacitors. In the application, they have made great contributions to their respective fields of discovery. It also brings a lot of benefits to people's lives.

It mainly uses metal foil as the electrode, and then works by electrical energy. Because it has many excellent characteristics, it is an excellent capacitor, just like the common knowledge characteristics in science and technology, non-polarity, good insulation resistance and so on. Many analog circuits will use it, and it is safe and can reduce the harm to people themselves.

In addition to being used as circuits, film capacitors have many uses. They can be seen in many industries such as electronics, home appliances, telephones, and electrical appliances. Many people are in contact with these things every day, but they don't know that it is made of film capacitors.


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