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Analysis of Capacitor failure-Open Circuit(I)

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Open Circuit

Phenomenon: poor contact between the lead wire and aluminum foil, corrosion, chloride ion invasion.

Reasons: manufacturing reasons, lead wire and aluminum foil riveting is not true, mechanical stress application. Use reason, lead is subjected to abnormal external stress, use chlorine-containing detergents, the use of adhesives, coating agent use. 

1. Why the positive pin of high voltage capacitance (voltage > 100V) is easy to break

This is because the lead of the capacitor does not use the normal manufacturing process, this kind of moldy short lead is not copper plated, it should be to reduce the cost. This kind of capacitor solderability is very poor. It is not what you say high voltage capacitance (voltage > 100V) why the positive pin is easy to break, it should be a common problem…


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