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An introduction to the Voltage Resistance of Ceramic Chip Capacitor

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The voltage value of capacitors is a problem that technicians attach importance to, no matter what capacitor you are using, it is necessary to know the voltage value of capacitor. What we are going to talk about is about the voltage value of the ceramic chip capacitor, which can let people know the voltage value it can bear, and avoid the huge trouble caused by the unbearable voltage value.

The voltage value of the ceramic chip capacitor is a design nominal value indicating that this type of capacitor can work below this voltage for a long time, if the test is to be carried out, It is applied at both ends of the ceramic chip capacitor to a voltage greater than this value (for example, when the nominal voltage 200V capacitor is applied 500V for one minute or several minutes without discharge or burst, etc.), it can work for a long time at 200V voltage.

The above examples are only hypothetical values, in order to visually understand the voltage parameters, the specific applied voltage depends on the manufacturer's standards, or it may not be tested one by one, but only by sampling. This is a routine practice for testing capacitors, so if you do not know the specific voltage value of the ceramic chip capacitor in use, there is no way to determine its nominal voltage value.

We can also use a comparative method: measure the capacitance of a ceramic chip capacitor, and then compare the volume size of a nominal capacitor of the same capacity, the same volume size, may be the same voltage value. This gives a rough estimate of the voltage resistance.


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