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Explosion proof principle of CBB65 Capacitor

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CBB65 Air-Conditioner Capacitor explosion Protection principle: commonly known as explosion-proof we abbreviated-pressure-differential explosion-proof.

When the insulation degree of a certain component of the capacitor decreases, it will inevitably produce extra heat, increase the internal pressure, make the shell of the capacitor deform, expand, and the mechanical displacement will break the explosion-proof piece (line). Because the power supply is connected with the capacitor element through the explosion-proof piece, the explosion-proof fragment is equal to the power source being detached, thus making the circuit in the open circuit state. Its explosion-proof effect depends on the design, installation position and sealing ability of the capacitor.


Scope of application:

Widely used in the starting and operation of single-phase motor with 50 Hz / 60 Hz AC power supply and high power lighting power factor compensation.


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