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Detailed Introduction of Parameters of Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor

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In the introduction of the parameters of monolithic capacitance, the most important is the value of voltage resistance, that is, it can withstand the voltage, according to different situations to select different voltage values to better play its performance. Next is the capacity, the nominal capacity is the capacity marked on the capacitor. The basic unit of a capacitor is the Farah, or Farraz, for short, but it is too large to be used in field labeling.

The second is the allowable error. The deviation weighing error between the actual capacitance and the nominal capacitance is weighed in the allowable deviation range. The relationship between the accuracy grade and the allowable error is 0: 00 01n- ±1%, 0 02- ±2%, I-±5%, Ⅱ-±10%, Ⅲ-±20%, Ⅳ-+ 20%), Ⅴ-+ 20 + 20), Ⅵ + 50-30).


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