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Common faults in operation of high voltage capacitor banks (I)

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1)Explosion, fuel injection

Most occurs in a high voltage capacitor bank that does not have an internal protection element due to an interphase short circuit or breakdown of the relative shell.

An internal protective element can be installed to remove the capacitor from the power network before explosion, and a single capacitor can also be protected by a fuse.

2)Abnormal noise:

The capacitor in operation has stable and uniform, not too large AC sound is normal; if "AIDS" sound or "sell" sound, generally for the internal partial discharge, "sell" sound is generally the precursor of internal insulation collapse.

Inspection should be strengthened, abnormal noise should be found immediately stop running, and find out the cause or replacement.


Reasons: loose street screws caused by virtual joint and fever; Frequent switching, repeatedly affected by the surge current and heat; Long-term overvoltage, overload and heat; The environment temperature is high, the design is unreasonable, the ventilation is unreasonable to cause the heat;

Treatment measures: tighten screws during outage maintenance; do not switch the capacitor repeatedly in operation; replace the capacitor with higher rated voltage and larger rated capacity; improve ventilation conditions and increase the installation distance between capacitors;


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