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  • Principle and application of sound sensor

    A sound sensor, which may also be referred to as a sound sensitive sensor, is a device or device that converts mechanical vibrations propagating in a gaseous liquid or solid into electrical signals. It detects signals in a contact or non-contact manner. There are many types of acoustic sensors, whic

  • Talking about the Function of Parallel Ceramic Capacitance of DC Motor

    The ceramic capacitor is a capacitor made of a ceramic material as a medium, a metal film coated on the surface of the ceramic, and then sintered at a high temperature as an electrode. The ceramic capacitors are divided into high frequency porcelain and low frequency ceramic. A capacitor with a smal

  • Ceramic capacitor for motor

    The starter motor is a motor that is electrically driven and mounted on the engine to start the diesel and gasoline engines. Start the motor, reduce the trouble of manpower to start the engine, start quickly, re-use, and widely used. Commonly used for the start of automobile engines, the start of ge

  • Converter in the use of safety capacitors

    Safety capacitors play various roles in the circuit, such as: filtering, decoupling, bypassing, coupling, tuning, compensation, frequency stabilization, etc. If the production is not good, it may cause malfunction, but If you are using some without passing the safety certification, the consequences

  • Analysis of the main failure of metallized film capacitors

    Metallized film capacitors are one of the commonly used capacitors in our lives. Metallized film capacitors are well known for their superior self-healing properties. This article talks about two key points, which are the causes of film capacitor failure. I hope that the content of this article can

  • Development status of metallized film capacitors

    The development status of metallized film capacitors in China: Since the advent of metallized film capacitors produced by hand in the 1960s, China's metallized capacitors have experienced three developments. In the 1980s, the success of color TV production was completed. Manual engineering to the in

  • How to distinguish between ceramic capacitors and varistors

    The ceramic capacitor and the varistor look very similar. They are all a small thing far away from blue. Some people do not know that the ceramic capacitor and the varistor are mixed, but the function is not normal, but it burns. Circuits, although they look like, but the function is completely diff

  • Application of 223m2kv high voltage ceramic capacitor

    High-voltage ceramic capacitors are capacitors made of ceramic materials. The typical function is to eliminate high-frequency interference. It is widely used in negative ion products, lasers, X-ray machines, control equipment, high voltage packages, igniters, generators, transformers, Power equipmen

  • What is the capacitance of the ceramic capacitor?

    The main material of the ceramic capacitor is ceramic tile. The ceramic tile is sintered by high temperature after the ceramic powder is pressed and pressed. The appearance will not change with time, so the storage period is long-lasting. However, most of the ceramic capacitors used in the class 2 a

  • Filter capacitor use experience

    Simple inductive circuits work well in low-impedance circuits, with attenuations exceeding 40 dB, but may not be effective in high-impedance circuits. The circuit of a single capacitor works well in high impedance circuits, but it works poorly in low impedance circuits. A multi-element filter will h


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