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  • What is the large capacity of ceramic capacitors?

    Ceramic capacitors are capacitors whose dielectric materials are ceramics. They can be classified into low frequency ceramic capacitors and high frequency ceramic capacitors depending on the ceramic materials. Classified according to the structure, it can be divided into a pellet capacitor, a tubula

  • Why new energy vehicles choose film capacitors

    With the development of technology, the application fields of electronic components are becoming more widespread and frequently used. Some small partners don't understand why new energy vehicles choose film capacitors. This article is simple for everyone to answer! There are generally three places i

  • Analysis of the protection level of varistor

    The choice of a resistor device is critical and is associated with subsequent use. If the novice is just beginning to confuse the selection, he or she can look for relevant technicians to find help. The level of varistor protection is different, so engineers must choose the type of lightning protect

  • Method for avoiding damage to film capacitors

    With the development of technology, electronic, home appliances, communications and other industries have become shorter and shorter, and film capacitors have become an indispensable electronic component for the upgrading of the above industries due to their good electrical performance and high reli

  • Film capacitor manufacturing process and requirements

    We all know that a film capacitor is a capacitor made of a metal foil as an electrode and a plastic film such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or polycarbonate, which is folded from both ends and then wound into a cylindrical shape. But do you know what its production process is like? And

  • Reasons for failure of ceramic capacitor withstand voltage

    Ceramic capacitors, because the dielectric material is made of ceramics, also called ceramic capacitors, coated metallized films are fired into electrodes by high temperature, and then the bonding leads are melted on the conductive medium, and the outer shape is coated with protective enamel. It can

  • Can the ceramic capacitor on the high voltage board be removed?

    High-voltage ceramic capacitors generally refer to ceramic capacitors above 1kv. They are mainly extruded from a high dielectric constant capacitor ceramic barium titanate titanate into a circular tube, a disk or a disk as a medium, and silver is plated by inactivation. Made of ceramic as an electro

  • What do the commonly used materials for ceramic capacitors mean?

    The ceramic capacitor is generally formed by a ceramic chip and a metal film plated on the chip, and is soldered out of the lead and then encapsulated by epoxy resin, and then laser printed. The capacity is determined by the area and thickness of the ceramic piece, and the withstand voltage is made

  • Thermistor in the charger

    The charge thermistor is generally based on a PTC ceramic and is applied to a capacitor in a smooth power supply. When the charger has an unexpected failure or short circuit, it can control the current to a guaranteed range. Generally, ordinary resistors are often used to control current when chargi

  • Advantages of varistor and other capacitors

    The wide application of varistor is believed to be heard by everyone. What are the advantages of varistor? After reading the following five points, why the varistor will be favored by everyone compared with other capacitors, let's take a look! 1) Better thermal propertiesUnlike silicon diodes, where


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