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  • Developed all-solid-state flexible planar lithium ion micro-capacitor

    The team of Zhongshuai Wu, a researcher of the Dalian Institute of Chemicals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, teamed up with Bao Xinhe's academician team and Yanbing He, an associate professor at the Shenzhen Graduate School of Qinghua University, to develop a solid-state lithium-ion surface with

  • Selection of Reactive Power Compensation Capacitor Operating Characteristics (2)

    3. Selection of low voltage capacitor rated voltage and steady state overvoltage range:From the above analysis, it can be seen that the rated voltage of the capacitor higher than the operating voltage may cause the compensation capacity to be insufficient or increase the investment of the equipment;

  • Selection of Reactive Power Compensation Capacitor Operating Characteristics (1)

    1. Power capacitor and its main characteristic parameters:The power capacitor is the main component of the reactive power compensation device. With technological progress and process renewal, paper dielectric capacitors have been replaced by self-healing capacitors that use electrodes on both sides

  • The use of electrolytic capacitors

    1. The DC electrolytic capacitor is polar: The polarity of the capacitor is marked on the base of the capacitor so as not to cause a short circuit or damage to the capacitor due to polarity. Use a bipolar electrolytic capacitor when you want to use a non-fixed polarity or use an indefinite circuit.

  • Capacitor resistance and voltage reduction principle (II)

    When using this circuit, the following things need attention: (1) Is not isolated from 220V AC high voltage, please pay attention to safety and prevent electric shock!(2) The current-limiting capacitor must be connected to the line of fire, and the withstand voltage should be large enough (greater t

  • Capacitor resistance and voltage reduction principle (I)

    Current supply This type of circuit is often used to obtain non-isolated, low-current power at low cost. Its output voltage can usually be in the range of several volts to three tens of volts, depending on the Zener regulator used. The amount of current that can be supplied is proportional to the cu

  • What does the capacitor JY561K2FY5P mean?

    Before editing, the article published in the Y capacitor voltage specifications has been eager to answer many readers, including one of the users asked "JY561K2FY5P" What does it mean? In fact, a series of numbers for the person who started to contact the capacitor is a code or other complex The thi

  • Ceramic capacitor characteristics in the circuit

    1. Small size. Ceramic capacitor structure is simple, the size can be done very small, 0402 or even 0201 package ceramic capacitor is widely used in mobile phones such as the size of the strict requirements of the occasion. 2. The electrical performance is stable and the temperature has little effec

  • Small details of the CBB capacitor in the filter circuit

    CBB capacitor filter inductor is a filter circuit, it is based on the current formed Faraday principle to smooth the introduction of current, the transmission voltage is lower, lower than the DC rms value, practical in the appliance than the normal consumption of large current, the greater the curre

  • How the Film Capacitor Works in AC Circuits

    We can start with the structure of the film capacitor. The simplest capacitor is due to the dielectric structure. After electrification, the plate is charged, forming a voltage (potential difference), but in the middle due to the insulating material, it is not conductive. However, such a situation i


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