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  • [industry information] Good service is very important for film capacitor manufacturers

    Although the service is intangible, it has a very big role. Today, even in the electrical and electronic industry, the service industry is indispensable. For example, the company's transaction with the customer is not after signing the order contract with the customer. After the film capacitor is de

  • [industry information] Difference between capacitors

    The development of science and technology and the discovery of new materials, due to different use requirements, high quality, diverse capacitors continue to emerge. The difference between capacitors is mainly: different media, different performance, different capacities, different structures, diffe

  • [industry information] The difference between CL21 capacitor and CBB capacitor

    There are many types of capacitors, such as safety capacitors, ceramic capacitors, and film capacitors. So, what is the capacitance of the CL21 capacitor and the CBB capacitor? What is the difference? The CL capacitor can be called a polyester film capacitor, and the CBB capacitor can be called a po

  • [industry information] Features for CBB capacitors

    CBB capacitors are non-inductive, polyester film as medium, aluminum foil for electrode winding, tinned copper clad steel wire, epoxy resin encapsulation. 1. CBB capacitors are stable and reliable;2. No inductive structure reduces the loss factor to a low level;3. Excellent environmental performance

  • [industry information] Voltage Distribution Of High-voltage Capacitors

    When the internal components of the capacitor are in parallel structure, there is no problem of different voltage distribution. However, the internal components are capacitors with a series structure. If DC and AC voltages are applied, the voltages distributed on the internal components are differen

  • [industry information] Several Advantages Of Polyester Film Capacitors

    Polyester film capacitors are organic film capacitors. It is made by using metal foil or metal film as an electrode, using polyethylene terephthalate (abbreviated as polyester) film as a medium, wound and formed into a plastic case for sealing. Some capacitors use a colored epoxy resin to encapsulat

  • [industry information] Self-healing Characteristics Of Film Capacitors

    There are two different mechanisms of film capacitor self-healing: discharge self-healing and electrochemical self-healing. Discharge self-healing occurs under high voltage, so it is also called high-voltage self-healing. Electrochemical self-healing also occurs under low voltage conditions, so it i

  • [industry information] The Principle Structure Of Metallized Film Capacitor

    Metallized film capacitor is a capacitor made of organic plastic film as the dielectric and metallized film as the electrode. Carbonate and the like have a laminated type in addition to a wound type. Among them, polyester film media and polypropylene film media are the most widely used. A metallized

  • [industry information] Steady development of film capacitors in China

    Nowadays, the electronic product market is developing rapidly, and people's demand for smart devices is also growing. It is also a process of the new and old cycle of China's film capacitors, from a low-end to a high-level product, from a simple product to a multi-product process. Domestic introduct

  • [industry information] Precautions - Install capacitors in power supply equipment

    Capacitors are necessary electronic components in the electrical and electronic industry, and the manufacturing process is mature. However, there are still problems when using it, there are capacitor quality problems, and improper use. In order to allow everyone to use the capacitor correctly, the p


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