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  • Metallized fim capacitor and electric vehicle

    Nowadays, in the discharge of pollutants from cities, cars account for more than 50%. While countries around the world are looking for alternative fuels for automobiles, electric vehicles are also popular. More and more people are using electric vehicles. Metallized fim capacitor has high power dens

  • How to avoid the failure of metal film capacitors

    Metallized film capacitors are distinguished by their excellent temperature characteristics and high capacity density, but incorrect use can lead to burning and bursting, leading to devastating results. Therefore, high reliability is established under strict conditions of use, and at the same time,

  • Future development of film capacitors manufacturers

    With the increasing use of electronic products, the prospects of film capacitors manufacturers will be better. Influenced by domestic and foreign factors, in the future, China's film capacitors industry will present several developments. 1. The institutional changes have deepened and accelerated eco

  • Carefully choose metallized film capacitors manufacturers

    Metallized film capacitors manufacturers' markets have been squeezed by ceramic capacitors and aluminum electrolytic capacitors. It has a high unit price and fierce market competition. But it is stable and durable, and also occupies a part of the capacitor market. The overall market situation was ve

  • Good service is very important for film capacitor manufacturers

    Although the service is intangible, it has a very big role. Today, even in the electrical and electronic industry, the service industry is indispensable. For example, the company's transaction with the customer is not after signing the order contract with the customer. After the film capacitor is de

  • Crossing the boundaries of the industry - CBB capacitor manufacturers

    As the market for CBB capacitors gets better and better, CBB capacitor manufacturers are gaining profits while improving the performance and quality of their capacitors. The competition in the capacitor industry is getting more and more fierce, so how to win in such fierce competition? This requires

  • 8 basic functions of metallized film capacitors

    1. DC blocking. This not only makes the role of the metallized film capacitors, but also the basic function of all capacitors, which is to prevent the passage of DC and let the AC pass. 2. Coupling. The coupling of the metallized film capacitors acts as a connection between the two circuits, allowin

  • Why can't ceramic capacitors be used in AC?

    Some users have suggested that the withstand voltage marked by ceramic capacitors refers to DC withstand voltage. Is capacitance useful for DC? Are ceramic capacitors not components that work in AC circuits? This article is to explain the reasons for this issue, I hope that the content of this artic

  • Protective measures by film capacitor

    The capacitor is an important electronic component in the circuit. When using it, be sure to pay attention to the protection and extend its service life as much as possible. Tests for withstand voltage and leakage current can be performed at the time of purchase, which can help detect the capacity o

  • Problems with film capacitors during operation

    The application of film capacitors has expanded, and the function and quality are also better. But there are several issues worth noting when operating with film capacitors. The problems that occur with film capacitors can be divided into: capacitor failure, problem with pitch, unclear printing, and


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