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  • The role of high voltage capacitors in microwave ovens

    Capacitors in different circuits play different roles. Microwave ovens are one of the most common electrical products in our lives. High-voltage capacitors are our indispensable electronic components. What role does high-voltage capacitors play in microwave oven circuits? Let's have a look! The role

  • Performance comparison between voltage and current type inverters (II)

    There are many types of high-voltage inverters, and their classification methods are also diverse. According to the intermediate part, there is no DC part, which can be divided into AC frequency converter and AC line frequency converter; according to the nature of DC part, it can be divided into cur

  • Performance comparison between voltage and current type inverters (I)

    The current type and voltage type inverters are both AC-DC-AC inverters, which are composed of a rectifier and an inverter. Since the load is generally inductive, there must be reactive power transfer between the power supplies. Therefore, in the intermediate DC link, components that buffer reactive

  • Special attention to the use of film capacitors

    With the development of technology, electronic, home appliances, communications and other industries have become shorter and shorter, and film capacitors have become an indispensable electronic component for the upgrading of the above industries due to their good electrical performance and high reli

  • History of Microwave Circuits (II)

    4 Development trend of microwave circuitsIn recent years, with the development of microwave technology, microwave circuits have made great progress in many technologies. The main development trends of microwave circuits in recent years are: 4.1 Interconnection and manufacturing technology of microwa

  • History of Microwave Circuits (I)

    1 IntroductionIn the 1960s, especially in the 1970s, due to the rapid development of microwave semiconductor circuits, microwaves played an increasingly important role in the field of radio technology. At present, it has been widely used in microwave relay communication, satellite communication, rad

  • Electric cars add new technology, scientists invented organic super capacitors

    Researchers are replacing fossil fuels by looking for some unusual resources. At the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany, a team of female scientists may do this: Professor Andrea Cruz and other scientists are building particularly efficient energy storage systems from biogas power generat

  • Metallized film capacitors and electric vehicles

    Nowadays, in the discharge of pollutants from cities, cars have accounted for more than 50%. While countries around the world are looking for alternative fuels for automobiles, electric vehicles are also popular. More and more people are using electric vehicles. The metal film capacitor has high pow

  • The difference between polyester capacitors and ceramic capacitors

    Recently, many customers have asked the editors whether polyester capacitors have a particularly obvious advantage over ceramic capacitors. It seems that everyone has a particularly high demand for polyester capacitors. Actually, editors, I think the demand for both capacitors is very high. They all

  • Correctly analyze the role of discrete components in the circuit - resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors (III)

    Field effect transistor:The field effect transistor functions in the same circuit as the transistor, that is, the amplification and the action of the nonlinear resistor. In addition, a significant feature of the FET is the high input resistance. transformer:The main role of the transformer in the ci


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