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  • Two major types of film capacitors

    Film capacitors are an electronic component that is used in many home appliances and has a wide range of applications! Film capacitors have gradually replaced aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Film capacitors can be divided into two major categories, what is the role, together with the editor to und

  • Five major considerations for replacing capacitors

    The fault phenomenon that is easy to occur with fixed capacitors is leakage, short circuit, open circuit, poor internal lead contact of the capacitor (where the pole piece is connected to the lead). In particular, electrolytic capacitors have a much higher failure rate than other types of capacitors

  • How does temperature affect the capacitor?

    Effect of temperature on capacitor life:In general, the life of a capacitor is shortened with increasing temperature, the most obvious being an electrolytic capacitor. An electrolytic capacitor with an extreme operating temperature of 85 ° C can guarantee a normal working time of 181019 hours when w

  • Application of film capacitors and related requirements

    Thin film capacitors have excellent electrical characteristics, high stability and long life, and are used in various industries, but even if the film capacitor performance is high enough, capacitor manufacturers continue to improve the manufacturing process to provide in a smaller package size. Lar

  • Capacitor Detection Technique Sharing (II)

    3. Detection of electrolytic capacitors A. Because the capacity of electrolytic capacitors is much larger than that of general fixed capacitors, the appropriate range should be selected for different capacities when measuring. According to experience, in general, the capacitance between 1 ~ 47μF can

  • Capacitor Detection Tips Sharing (I)

    Capacitor detection methods are mainly divided into three major categories: detection of variable capacitors, detection of electrolytic capacitors, and detection of fixed capacitors. 1. Detection of variable capacitors A. Gently rotate the shaft by hand, it should feel very smooth, and should not fe

  • Variable capacitor detection

    1. Gently rotate the shaft by hand, it should feel very smooth, and should not feel sometimes loose or even stuck. When the axial direction of the load is pushed forward, backward, up, down, left, right, etc., the shaft should not be loose. 2. Rotate the shaft with one hand and gently touch the oute

  • Why is the tantalum capacitor derated?

    The optimum conditions for use of tantalum capacitors are -55-+125 degrees, and the rated voltage can be applied to test within 85 degrees. It is said that such conditions have shown that the temperature characteristics of tantalum capacitors are very good, but one thing that is often overlooked is

  • Capacitor damage in the power supply

    Generally, capacitors are damaged in the power supply. Common capacitors include ceramic capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, high-voltage capacitors, and safety capacitors. The editor has exemplified several common phenomena, and everyone can check with the editor. 1) The short and open circu

  • What is the capacitor withstand voltage test

    The withstand voltage test refers to the test of the withstand voltage capability of various electrical devices, insulating materials and insulating structures. The process of applying a high voltage to an insulating material or an insulating structure without damaging the properties of the insulati


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