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  • Optional film capacitors to distinguish between metal film and metal foil

    Nowadays, film capacitors have been slowly integrated into our lives. From small household appliances to large industrial electronic devices, film capacitors are inseparable. It has shown an increasingly strong momentum in the capacitor industry, and the market is increasingly demanding, so many peo

  • Film Capacitor Features and Optimization Suggestions

    Capacitance is an important electronic component in the circuit. Therefore, we must pay attention to protect it when using it, and extend its service life as much as possible. At the same time, the film capacitor is an important capacitor in the capacitor. It is an electron. One of the electronic co

  • Comparison of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and tantalum capacitors

    The capacity of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor is relatively large, the series resistance is large, the inductance is large, and it is sensitive to temperature. It is suitable for occasions where temperature changes are not large and the operating frequency is not high (not higher than 25 kHz).

  • Special considerations need to be taken between capacitors

    In electronic circuit applications, it is common to replace various electronic components. What are the main considerations for replacing tantalum capacitors with chip capacitors? What are the main reasons for their replacement? 1. Reliability issues. Tantalum electrolytic capacitors have the potent

  • Current impact test of film capacitor

    With the rapid development of power electronics technology, metallized capacitors are used in a wide range of applications, such as various inverters, UPS and SVG power supplies, solar and wind power generation systems, energy storage in new energy fields such as hybrid and pure electric vehicles. C

  • Film capacitor safety

    We all know that film capacitors have good performance, high demand, and self-healing properties. They are used in all walks of life. So, do you know where the safety of film capacitors comes from? Let's talk about the safety of film capacitors. The film capacitor is selected from a certain proporti

  • Where should I check after getting the metal film capacitor

    Capacitors are not ordinary daily necessities. We have checked them after getting the capacitors. No problem can be installed and used. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome if we have problems. Therefore, we should check after getting the metal film capacitors. Before using metal film capacitors,

  • Problems with film capacitors during operation

    The application of film capacitors has become more and more extensive, and the performance and quality are getting better and better. Is there any problem in the operation of film capacitors that is worthy of our attention? When the problem of film capacitance occurs, it can be divided into several

  • Analysis of the current development of CBB capacitors

    Nowadays, CBB capacitors are the new era of alternating old models in China. In the process of upgrading from low level technology to high level, from simple goods to advanced goods, production is more and more advanced, and gradually becomes a mechanized production line, so A manufacturer who said


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