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  • Rules to follow when using varistor

    1. Working environment of varistor:Should be within the scope of the technical conditions:Ambient temperature: -40C ~ +85 °C;Relative humidity: up to 96% at +40±2°C;Atmospheric pressure: up to 8.5KPa. 2. Selection of varistor voltageSelect according to the power supply voltage. Taking full account o

  • Method for distinguishing thermistor and fixed value resistor

    In general, the identification of the thermistor and the fixed value resistor are often distinguished by the detection device. Directly use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the resistor. When the resistance is touched by hand, the resistance value will start to change slowly. After the hand

  • Process and characteristics of metal film capacitors

    Generally, a metal film capacitor is formed by winding a metal foil as an electrode and a plastic film, and there is another manufacturing method in which a thin layer of metal is vacuum-deposited on the plastic film. As an electrode, the advantage of this is that the thickness of the electrode foil

  • Characteristic parameters of film capacitor

    1. Nominal Capacity: The nominal capacitance is the capacitance that is marked on the capacitor. Allowable deviation: The large deviation range allowed by the actual capacitance and the nominal capacitance. Generally divided into 3 levels: I grade ± 5%, grade II ± 10%, grade III ± 20%. In some cases

  • Pairing and series connection of varistor

    Varistors can be easily used in series. The method is that after the varistor of the two resistor bodies having the same diameter and the same flow rate are connected in series, the varistor voltage is added at the continuous working voltage and the limiting voltage, so that the flow rate index does

  • Precautions for detecting the thermistor

    When testing, use the multimeter ohm file (depending on the nominal resistance value to determine the gear position, generally R × 1 block), the specific can be divided into two steps: first room temperature detection (indoor temperature is close to 25 ° C), with the alligator clip instead of the te

  • Capacitor switch tripping method

    1. It is forbidden to forcibly send power after the circuit is disconnected. It is necessary to detect the status of the protection measures. According to the status of the measures, the identification is determined. The switching voltage capacitor, the power series cable, the detection capacitor ha

  • Method for increasing the anti-interference ability of film capacitors

    In order to better solve the problem that the film capacitor frequency is high and the bus cycle is extremely fast, the following measures are taken to increase the system's anti-electromagnetic interference capability: 1. Reduce distortion in signal transmission:Microcontrollers are primarily manuf

  • Two major categories of varistor

    The use of varistor in different situations has different effects, so the requirements for varistor are also different. We need to pay attention to this problem when choosing, and use varistor correctly. The varistor can be classified into a varistor for protection and a varistor for circuit functio

  • The terminology of thermistor

    1. Volt-ampere characteristic curve: stable in the environment of 27 ° C, the potential difference applied to the terminal of the thermistor is related to the current under the premise of the heat balance; the insulation thermistor: becomes the specified insulation resistance And the thermistor trie


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