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  • Problems in the Use of Thin Film Capacitors

    1. improper selection of current in range Improper selection of current in the range, resulting in more locations are DC maintenance and simple harmonic vibration part. If the essential current value is larger than the current value allowed by the thin film capacitor, it will form the film capacitan

  • How to Distinguish Ceramic Capacitor From Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor

    The two ways of applications are different: tantalum electrolytic capacitors can be used for coupling, filter vibration bypass circuit and other electronic circuits work in the periodic field, while ceramic capacitors are mostly used in high-frequency circuits. Tantalum electrolytic capacitor and ce

  • How to Choose the Size of Varistor

    The volume of varistor is mainly reflected in the amount of energy that can be absorbed. The current product is generally zinc oxide varistor, it is a volume type of varistor, the larger the volume, the more energy shock can be withstood (allow through the varistor pulse (peak) current value). Varis

  • Detailed Introduction of Four Typical Circuits of Varistor(II)

    3) Application circuit between switch contacts In the circuit, it is assumed that R1 is a varistor, which is connected between the two contacts of the power switch S1 to absorb the arc when the switch is disconnected and to prevent the switch contact from burning out by the arc. 4) Protect semicondu

  • Detailed Introduction of Four Typical Circuits of Varistor(I)

    1) Interline application circuit The characteristic of this circuit is that the varistor R is parallel between the power line and the signal line or between the signal line and the ground line. When the voltage at the two ends of R1 reaches the breakdown voltage, the R1 resistance decreases rapidly,

  • What is a high-volume high-voltage patch capacitor

    Generally speaking, the larger the volume, the larger the capacitance that can be achieved, called high volume patch capacitor, conversely, the smaller the size of the patch capacitor, the smaller the capacitance can be achieved, it is called low volume patch capacitor. The high voltage patch capac

  • Causes and Solutions of Overvoltage of Inverter(II)

    To deal with the overvoltage fault, the key is how to deal with the excess energy in the intermediate DC loop in time, and how to avoid or reduce the excess energy feeding to the intermediate DC circuit, so that the degree of overvoltage is limited to the allowable limit. 1. In the case of an impuls

  • Causes and Solutions of Overvoltage of Inverter(I)

    Frequency conversion speed regulation system is superior to DC drive because of its advantages, and it is regarded as the preferred transmission scheme in many occasions. In modern frequency conversion speed regulation system, 16 bit or 32 bit single chip microcomputer is used as the control core, t

  • Higher Capacitor performance: keep Seal(II)

    Air tightness prevents loss of capacitor. The solution to the problem of electrolyte loss lies in the capacitor cover. The capacitor terminal can be sealed in an aluminum cover by replacing an organic compound (such as polymer) with a special glass seal package. Glass and pure aluminum electrodes f

  • Higher Capacitor performance: keep in Seal(I)

    Nowadays, aluminum electrolytic capacitors are becoming more and more common in our daily life. New capacitors are gradually entering the market, such as supercapacitors and double-layer capacitors, EDLC, which will be used in electric vehicles (including electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and elect


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