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  • How to choose ceramic capacitor parameters

    Capacitance parameter is also called capacitance. Capacitance is also called "capacity". It refers to the amount of charge stored at a given potential difference, denoted as C, and the international unit is farad (F). Generally, the electric charge moves in the electric field. When there is a medium

  • What should we do when the ceramic capacitor is abnormal?

    In the manufacturing industry, production is inseparable from quality, and quality requires production coordination. The quality of production is closely related, and there are quality personnel in places where production is available. The manufacture of ceramic capacitors seems to be simple, but it

  • Ceramic capacitor introduction

    Production principle:Extruded into a round tube, disc or disc with a high dielectric constant ceramic capacitorIt is made of a medium and is plated with silver on a ceramic by an infiltration method. It is divided into two types: high frequency porcelain and low frequency porcelain. A capacitor with

  • Lithium battery exports to Saudi Arabia need to be CB certified, 64 countries recognized

    1.CB International Safety of Product SafetyThe CB system is a set of global mutual recognition system for electronic products established by IECEE (International Electrotechnical Commission's IEC System Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment), which is used by all member states

  • Why do manufacturers now choose film capacitors (II)?

    3, high rated voltage, no need for series and balancing resistorsIn order to increase the output power, the bus voltage of hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles is constantly increasing. The typical battery voltages available on the market today are 280V, 330V and 480V. The matching capacitors are

  • Why do manufacturers now choose film capacitors (I)?

    Early DC support film capacitors used electrolytic capacitors. With the development of thin film capacitor technology, especially the development of the base film technology and the use of segmentation technology for metallization, not only the volume of the film capacitor is becoming smaller and sm

  • Introduce the capacity calculation method of monolithic capacitor

    The mechanism of the monolithic capacitor can be understood as the name suggests: the so-called monolithic capacitor is a "container" capable of storing electric charge. However, this "container" is a special substance-charge, and its stored positive and negative charges are equally distributed on t

  • The cause of the noise generated by the film capacitor

    The noise of the film capacitor may be caused by noise in some specific working places, such as over-current, step-down, etc., because of the gap between the films, which is generated by the vibration of the alternating electric field. Based on current technology and statistics, the noise of the fil

  • Where are the varistor sources?

    Power supply and power adapter in varistor requirements Description: This field is very wide, computer, audio and video products, chargers, routers, LED drivers need to use the power, the power is large and small, so the purchased varistor is also in the model The specifications are different.

  • Blue ceramic capacitor withstand voltage

    The basic unit usage of the capacitor is (F), and other units are: millifarad (mF), microfarad (μF)/mju:/, nanofarad (nF), and picofarad (pF). Where: 1 Farad = 1000 millifarads (mF), 1 millifarad = 1000 microfarads (μF), 1 microfarad = 1000 nanofarads (nF), 1 nanofarad = 1000 picofarads (pF) 1. The


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