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  • Calculation method of film capacitor series

    Now talking about new energy, we believe that everyone will think of film capacitors. With the rapid advancement of electronic technology, the development of film capacitors in the future can be expected. So as a technician, do you know the calculation method for the series connection of film capaci

  • CBB capacitor maintenance

    Nowadays, CBB capacitors are already in our electrical appliances. That is because CBB capacitors are rich in functions, such as phase shifting, coupling, step-down, filtering, etc., which are often used for parallel compensation of reactive power in high and low voltage systems, and shunts of paral

  • Intelligent function of CBB capacitor

    With the rapid development of microelectronics technology, digital control technology, communication and network technology and the wide application of CBB capacitors, intelligent, integrated, networked, high reliability, availability, maintainability, energy saving, and environmental protection hav

  • Understand the wiring problem of varistor

    The varistor is a voltage limiting type protection device. Using the non-linear characteristics of the varistor, when an overvoltage occurs between the two poles of the varistor, the varistor can clamp the voltage to a relatively fixed voltage value, thereby protecting the latter circuit. The main p

  • Metal film capacitors and electric vehicles

    Nowadays, in the discharge of pollutants from cities, automobiles have accounted for more than 50%. While countries around the world are looking for alternative fuels for automobiles, electric vehicles are also popular. More and more people are using electric vehicles. The metal film capacitor has h

  • Internal disadvantages of ceramic capacitors

    The ceramic capacitor is formed by extruding a high dielectric constant capacitor ceramic barium titanate titanate into a circular tube, a disk or a disk as a medium, and plating the silver on the ceramic as an electrode by a fire infiltration method. Due to the low unit price, wide range of charact

  • Method for distinguishing thermistor constant resistance

    In addition to the dedicated instrument setting test at the time of measurement, what other measurement techniques can we learn? Let's take a look at how to identify the thermistor's fixed resistance. In general, the identification of thermistor constant resistance is often identified by the detecti

  • Introduction to temperature compensated ceramic capacitors

    The quality of electronic circuits is getting more and more attention from major enterprises. As an important part of the improvement of electronic circuit quality, capacitor temperature compensation has become the research direction of major enterprises. The quality of the capacitor temperature com

  • Frequently asked questions about ceramic capacitors

    Ceramic capacitors are believed to be familiar to everyone. Ceramic capacitors are used as loop capacitors and pad capacitors in high-stability oscillator circuits for filtering, decoupling, and signal coupling. 1) Why is the ceramic capacitor easily broken by the pulse voltage?A: All capacitors are

  • Capacitor grounding

    Capacitor grounding is generally a filtering effect. For example, electrolytic capacitors can filter low frequencies, and ceramic capacitors can filter high frequencies. The principle is the impedance of the capacitor. The capacitance is on the AC signal path. The higher the signal frequency, the sm


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