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industry information

  • Reasons for high-voltage capacitors in microwave ovens

    The capacitor used in the microwave oven is not a common transformer capacitor, but a high-voltage transformer with "magnetic leakage" characteristics. The principle of "magnetic leakage" is used to achieve the purpose of automatically controlling the filament voltage of the microwave oven and the a

  • Ceramic capacitor sintering process

    Sintering is a process in which the powder is heated to a temperature lower than the melting point of the essential component thereof, and then ice-cooled to room temperature in a certain method and speed. As a result of the sintering, bonding occurs between the powder particles, the strength of the

  • Why new energy vehicles choose film capacitors

    With the development of technology, the application fields of electronic components are becoming more widespread and frequently used. Some small partners don't understand why new energy vehicles choose film capacitors. This article is simple for everyone to answer! There are generally three places i

  • The capacity of the monolithic capacitor is insufficient, there will be problems.

    Monolithic capacitors are another name for multilayer ceramic capacitors, referred to as MLCC, and are widely used in electronic precision instruments. Various small electronic devices are used for resonance, coupling, filtering, and bypassing. With the development of technology, the application of

  • Causes of varistor degradation

    The varistor is a voltage-limiting protection element that absorbs or releases the lightning induced overvoltage and the operating overvoltage present in the line. At the same time, as a component of the line system and equipment, it must also withstand the temporary over-voltage of the low-voltage

  • The terminology of thermistor

    1. Volt-ampere characteristic curve: stable in the environment of 27 ° C, the potential difference applied to the terminal of the thermistor is related to the current under the premise of the heat balance; the insulation thermistor: becomes the specified insulation resistance And the thermistor trie

  • Frequently encountered problems when using film capacitors

    1. Inappropriate current selection in the rangeThe current in the range is improperly selected, and more positions are generated by the DC sustain and the simple harmonics. If the current value required by the essence is larger than the allowable current value of the film capacitor, the film capacit

  • Current impact test of film capacitor

    Power electronic capacitors are usually used in non-power frequency applications. Their peak current resistance and surge current resistance are key technical parameters. Since current withstand capability is the weakest link of metallized film capacitors, products with this index must have current

  • The varistor rise zone control voltage is affected by temperature

    A varistor is an abbreviation for a voltage sensitive resistor and is a non-linear resistance element. The resistance of the varistor is related to the magnitude of the voltage applied across the two ends. When the voltage applied to the varistor is within its nominal value, the resistance of the re

  • The role of the thermistor in the switching power supply

    When the switching power supply is turned on, 220V AC power, after the fuse and the thermistor, after rectification, the capacitor is charged, and the characteristic of the capacitor is that the instantaneous charging current is large, thus causing impact on the front rectifier diode and the fuse, w


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