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industry information

  • CBB capacitor manufacturers have to cross the boundaries of the industry

    As the market for CBB capacitors gets better and better, CBB capacitor manufacturers are making profits while improving the performance and quality of capacitors. Manufacturers also get better operation. The competition in this industry of capacitors is getting more and more fierce, so how to win in

  • Talking about the eight basic functions of metal film capacitors

    Capacitors should know that there is such a thing, because there is a capacitor in every household's electrical appliances. Although there are many people using metal film capacitors, there is very little understanding of the role of metal film capacitors, so today Xiaobian Let's talk about the role

  • How to use varistor correctly

    Varistors are already indispensable electronic components in life. They are mainly used to clamp voltage when the circuit is under overvoltage, and absorb excess current to protect sensitive devices. A varistor is a component with transient voltage suppression that can be used in place of a combina

  • Why can't porcelain capacitors be used for communication?

    Some friends have suggested that the withstand voltage indicated by the ceramic capacitor refers to the DC voltage. Is the capacitor useful for DC? Is the ceramic dielectric capacitor not a component that works in an AC circuit? This article is to explain the reasons for this issue, I hope that the

  • Common problems with high voltage ceramic capacitors

    High-voltage ceramic capacitors are also a common electronic component in life for high-stability oscillation circuits. In the use we will encounter a lot of problems, this article from the small series to summarize some common problems, together to understand it! 1) What is the role of high voltage

  • Can polyester capacitors be replaced by high-voltage ceramic capacitors?

    The schematic diagram of the power amplifier input capacitor is written on a polyester capacitor. Can it be replaced by a ceramic capacitor? Yes, but with high voltage resistance, the high frequency performance of high voltage ceramic capacitors is better than polyester capacitors. No matter what ca

  • What are the colors of the ceramic capacitors?

    The ceramic capacitor is a capacitor made of a ceramic material as a medium, a metal film coated on the surface of the ceramic, and then sintered at a high temperature as an electrode. It is commonly used in high-stability oscillator circuits as loops, bypass capacitors, and pad capacitors. The cera

  • Talking about the difference between ceramic capacitor and electrolytic capacitor

    The ceramic capacitor is a capacitor made of a ceramic material as a medium, coated with a metal film on the surface of the ceramic, and then sintered at a high temperature as an electrode. It is usually used in a high-stability oscillation circuit as a loop, a bypass capacitor, and Pad capacitors.

  • Talking about high voltage ceramic capacitor high voltage bridge

    High-voltage ceramic capacitors are high-voltage ceramic capacitors used in power systems. Generally, high-voltage ceramic capacitors are used in power metering, energy storage, and voltage division. High-voltage ceramic capacitors have been widely used and not in the LED lamp industry. High-voltage

  • The role of X capacitor and Y capacitor on computer power supply

    A regular computer power supply manufacturer must have a rectifier bridge, a main control module, a main capacitor, a transformer, various MOS tubes, etc. Among them, the EMI module contains X capacitors and Y capacitors. Why are there safety regulations X and Y on the power supply? What about capac


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