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industry information

  • Ceramic capacitor relationship between long legs and short legs

    We can use the multimeter resistance file to measure. When the resistance value is relatively large, the pin touched by the black pen is positive. High-voltage ceramic capacitors used in high-power and high-voltage fields are required to have small size, high withstand voltage and good frequency cha

  • CBB capacitor manufacturers have to cross the boundaries of the industry

    As the market for CBB capacitors gets better and better, CBB capacitor manufacturers are making profits while improving the performance and quality of capacitors. Manufacturers also get better operation. The competition in this industry of capacitors is getting more and more fierce, so how to win in

  • Understand the material classification of thermistors

    The thermistor is divided into a positive temperature coefficient thermistor and a negative temperature coefficient thermistor according to the temperature coefficient. Thermistors are typically characterized by temperature sensitivity and exhibit different resistance values at different temperature

  • What are the uses of high-energy varistor?

    The demand for high-energy varistor in the market is also very large, and the use on the circuit is also very much. This article summarizes the knowledge about high-energy varistor, and hopes to help newcomers better understand high-energy varistor. . The high-energy varistor is characterized by a l

  • It is very important for film capacitor manufacturers to do good service

    Although the service is an intangible thing, it has a great effect. In the past, there may be only service requirements for industries with high service requirements such as restaurants and banks. However, even if the electronic and electrical industry is to pursue services, services are indispensab

  • Method for avoiding damage to film capacitors

    With the development of technology, electronic, home appliances, communications and other industries have become shorter and shorter, and film capacitors have become an indispensable electronic component for the upgrading of the above industries due to their good electrical performance and high reli

  • The role of inductance

    The basic functions of the inductor are filtering, oscillation, delay, notch, and so on. The statement in the image is: "through DC, blocking communication." In detail, it is in the circuit board, the inductor coil acts on the AC finite current, and it can form a high-pass or low-pass filter, a phas

  • SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor

    SMD aluminum electrolyte capacitors are one of the most common capacitors on today's boards. 1. Manufacturing process:In fact, other types of chip electrolytic capacitors, such as aluminum solid polymer capacitors, are manufactured in a similar manner, except that the material used for the cathode i

  • Capacitors with different media have a great effect

    With the development of science and technology and the discovery of new materials, in order to meet different needs of use, more and more diverse capacitors are emerging. Capacitors differ mainly in the medium, performance, capacity, structure, environment and environment. The use is also different.

  • Film capacitors are bound to thrive in China

    Nowadays, the market for electronic products is very good, and the demand for smart devices is getting bigger and bigger. It happens to be the new and old period of China's film capacitors. The process from low-end to high-level goods, from simple goods to advanced goods. A process that is undoubted


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