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  • [industry information] What are the types of capacitors? Detailed explanation of capacitor types

    Detailed explanation of capacitor types1. According to the structure, it is divided into three categories: fixed capacitors, variable capacitors and trimmer capacitors.2. Classified by dielectric: organic dielectric capacitors, inorganic dielectric capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, electric heati

  • [industry information] About the characteristics of film capacitors

    The film capacitor has many excellent characteristics, so it is a kind of capacitor with excellent performance.Its main characteristics are as follows: non-polarity, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and low dielectric loss.Based on the above

  • [industry information] What is the role of film capacitors

    Film capacitors are also called plastic film capacitors in the living environment. They mainly use plastic film as a dielectric. Due to the different electrical qualities of capacitors, there are many types of capacitors. For example, electrolytic capacitors, air capacitors, paper capacitors and fil

  • [industry information] Protective measures for film capacitors

    Capacitor is a very important electronic component in the circuit, so we must pay attention to protect it when using it, and extend its service life as much as possible. Fortunately, when we buy, we can test the withstand voltage and leakage current, and do not miss any tiny places. These tests can

  • [industry information] Properties of thin film capacitors

    Film capacitor has many excellent characteristics, so it is an excellent performance capacitor. Its main characteristics are as follows: non-polarity, high insulation impedance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and low dielectric loss. Because of these advantages, FILM

  • [industry information] What are the reasons that affect the performance of film capacitors

    1. Reasons for problems during use:Too high operating voltage causes premature elimination of phase-shifting capacitors:The power loss and calorific value of the capacitor are proportional to the square of the operating voltage. The increase of the operating voltage significantly increases the tempe

  • [industry information] The advantages of thin film capacitors

    Film capacitors are now widely used in electronics, home appliances, communications, electricity, electrified railways, hybrid vehicles, wind power, solar power generation and other industries, is used in bypass, separation, coupling, decoupling, pulse, logic, timing, circuit oscillator, etc. , than

  • [industry information] What are the advantages of CBB metallized film capacitor application

    Metallized film capacitors are made of organic plastic film as the medium, metalized film as the electrode, and made by winding (except for the laminated structure). The films used in metallized film capacitors include polyethylene, Polypropylene, polycarbonate, etc., in addition to winding types, t

  • [industry information] The influence of the production of film capacitors on the parameters

    What is the influence of film capacitors on parameter variables, including these four factors, namely capacitance, loss tangent, insulation resistance and withstand voltage. The production process of film capacitors is also firmly centered on ensuring that these four parameters meet the requirement

  • [industry information] The selection of film capacitors should be cautious

    The film capacitor itself is generally not easy to be broken. It seems that there is no direct connection with the IGBT, but the actual impact is great:1. Clutter promotes high-load operation of IGBT, which increases heat generation and affects the life of IGBT2. If the DC-LINK film capacitor is not

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