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industry information

  • Whether the Y capacitor is placed before or after the common mode

    The capacitance of the board should be placed on the basis of the capacitors. We all know the Y capacitor, and its advantages are recognized by many people, and it is used in many switching power supplies. So, where is the placement of the Y capacitor before or after the common mode? To prevent inte

  • What is the relationship between capacitors and voltage?

    Features of the capacitor:1. Capable of charging and discharging characteristics and blocking the passage of DC current, allowing AC current to pass. 2. During charging and discharging, the charge on the plates is accumulated, that is, the voltage is established. Therefore, the voltage on the capaci

  • How to maintain the film capacitor during use

    The use of the film capacitor is very important. The power system and the use of the transformer do not require any power during use, and the supply of reactive power during the use process is very affordable. The quality of the voltage is bad, which will affect the user's use. Only the timely maint

  • Future development of film capacitors manufacturers

    With the increasing use of electronic products, the prospects of film capacitors manufacturers will be better. Influenced by domestic and foreign factors, in the future, China's film capacitors industry will present several developments. 1. The institutional changes have deepened and accelerated eco

  • Methods of solving film capacitors noise

    Film capacitors are mainly used in Electronics, House appliance, Communications, Electrified railway, Hybrid electrical vehicle, Wind power generation, Solar electrical energy generation and other industries. Because of the stable development of these industries, the growth of the film capacitor mar

  • Precautions - Install capacitors in power supply equipment

    Capacitors are necessary electronic components in the electrical and electronic industry, and the manufacturing process is mature. However, there are still problems when using it, there are capacitor quality problems, and improper use. In order to allow everyone to use the capacitor correctly, the p

  • Difference between capacitors

    The development of science and technology and the discovery of new materials, due to different use requirements, high quality, diverse capacitors continue to emerge. The difference between capacitors is mainly: different media, different performance, different capacities, different structures, diffe

  • The difference between CL21 capacitor and CBB capacitor

    There are many types of capacitors, such as safety capacitors, ceramic capacitors, and film capacitors. So, what is the capacitance of the CL21 capacitor and the CBB capacitor? What is the difference? The CL capacitor can be called a polyester film capacitor, and the CBB capacitor can be called a po

  • Feel the charm of electronic components

    The charm of electronic components lies in their contribution to the design of integrated circuit products, advanced and characteristic chip manufacturing technology, advanced packaging, testing technology, key equipment, instruments, new generation semiconductor materials and device technology. The

  • Crossing the boundaries of the industry - CBB capacitor manufacturers

    As the market for CBB capacitors gets better and better, CBB capacitor manufacturers are gaining profits while improving the performance and quality of their capacitors. The competition in the capacitor industry is getting more and more fierce, so how to win in such fierce competition? This requires


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