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  • [industry information] What is the rated voltage of the capacitor and the abnormal voltage of the capacitor

    The capacitor nominal voltage is the maximum voltage that can be continuously loaded on the capacitor, also known as withstand voltage. The voltage when the electrical appliance is working normally. If the rated voltage of the capacitor is too high, it is easy to burn out, and if it is too low, it w

  • [industry information] Abnormal conditions that are easy to occur when the capacitor is running

    Abnormal: The casing bulging, bushing or the fuel tank is leaking oil.Cause: The temperature of the capacitor is too high. The following factors cause the temperature to be too high:1. The ambient temperature is too high and the ventilation is poor.2. The power supply voltage exceeds the rated value

  • [industry information] Capacitor testing methods and experience

    1. Detection of fixed capacitorsA. Detect small capacitance below 10pFBecause the capacity of the fixed capacitor below 10pF is too small, use a multimeter to measure, you can only qualitatively check whether there is leakage, internal short circuit or breakdown. When measuring, the multimeter R×10k

  • [industry information] What is the working principle of capacitors?

    Capacitors are a bit like batteries. Although they work in very different ways, they can store electrical energy. If you have read how the battery works, you should know that the battery has two electrodes. Inside the battery, a chemical reaction causes one electrode to generate electrons, and the o

  • [industry information] Cautions using film capacitors

    Cautions:1. Application conditions2. Working voltage status3. Frequency of voltage change4. Effective current and peak current flowing through the capacitor The main role of film capacitors in power electronic circuits:1. Bypass2. Buffering and clamping3. Resonance4. Smoothing and DC support5. Rapid

  • [industry information] 360-degree full analysis of capacitor frequency characteristics

    When the frequency is high, the capacitance is no longer treated as a lumped parameter, and the influence of parasitic parameters cannot be ignored. Parasitic parameters include Rs, equivalent series resistance (ESR) and Ls equivalent series inductance (ESL). The actual equivalent circuit of the cap

  • [industry information] Repair methods of common faults of capacitors

    General capacitor failure phenomenon: capacitor open circuit, breakdown, leakage, breakdown after power on. 1. Cause of failure:1) Open circuit of componentsAfter the capacitor is opened, there is no capacitor function. After an open circuit fault occurs in a capacitor in a different circuit, the sp

  • [industry information] How to choose a capacitor

    1. The right choice of capacitors(1) The type of capacitor should be selected according to the circuit requirements. For less demanding low-frequency circuits and DC circuits, paper dielectric capacitors or low-frequency ceramic dielectric capacitors are generally available. In high-frequency circui

  • [industry information] What is the temperature characteristic of the capacitor

    When the temperature of the capacitor becomes higher, the capacitance can become lower or higher. 1. Temperature and capacitor life. In general, the life of capacitors decreases with increasing temperature, the most obvious of which is electrolytic capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors with a limit o

  • [industry information] What are the common types of capacitors?

    Aluminum electrolytic capacitors: It is made of water-absorbing paper impregnated with paste electrolyte sandwiched between two aluminum foils, and a thin oxide film is used as a dielectric capacitor. Because the oxide film has unidirectional conductivity, the electrolytic capacitor has polarity. L

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