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  • Anhui Safe Electroncis Co.,LTD.annual production of 1400 tons of metalized film ,publicity of environmental protection check & accept completed project

    Anhui Safe Electroncis Co.,LTD. Annual production of 1400 tons of metalized film,according to interim procedures,the report of emvironmental protection check & accept completed project is hereby made public as follows: Project name:Anhui Safe Electroncis Co.,LTD annual production of metalized film.P

  • T type metallized safety film

    Anhui Safe Electronics Co., Ltd. Newly developed 1/2 T-type, T-type, T-type universal safety film.Safety film working mechanism:

  • New craft:1/2 Safety Film

    Anhui Safe Electronics Company Ltd.,newly manufactured metallized film,1/2 safety film,which is zn-al metallized film,half normal half safe.The metallized film works as core material in the film capacitors.The base film serves as a capacitor medium and the metallization layer serves as a cap

  • Metal spraying machine has been successfully put into use

    On 22th December,Anhui Safe Electronics Company newly purchased metal spraying has been put into use successfully.The working principle of the spraying machine:1、Spray method:EFI(high current melt ,high pressure air blowing,spray powder,sprayed on the surface of the film),air blast(oxygen,acetylene

  • Party central inspection group’s visit and guidance.

    On 13th December ,2017,the leader of central inspectipon visit Anhui Safe Electronic Company Ltd,guide the work as well.Established in 2007,Anhui Safe Electronics Company Ltd.mainly focused on capacitors and metallized film for capacitor using.Following years of delopment,Saifu has become the famous

  • Newing Automatic Ingection Machine

    We Anhui Safe Electronics have professional capacitor equipment,on 8th,December,2017,we introduced new machinery automatic ingection machine.With this new machine,the production has been increased.Welcome to focus on our news.

  • Choose high quality metallized film,Choose Anhui Safe Electronics Co.,Ltd.

    Choose high quality metallized film,Choose Anhui Safe Electronics Co.,Ltd.Anhui Safe Electronics main products:metallized film for capacitor using、cbb65 capacitor(cbb60/61) ac motor capacitor、SEPEC series power capacitors.the following are specifications of metallized film products.We can see from t

  • Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind

    2017 is in the corner,look back on those days that Saifu has get substantial development in film coating.Firstly,on July 2017,Saifu introduce another vacuum coating equipment.In the late July the most intense heat of summer,the spirit of our worker worked on high temperature is valuable.In septe

  • Saifu 2.2 micron polypropylene film successfully plated

    On November 29th,2017,Anhui Safe Electronics Company achieve huge success in 2.2 micron polypropylene film,which indicates that our company coating level has reached the international advanced level. Successful born of 2.2 micron polypropylene film which shows the realistic,co

  • Feel the leadership care and meet the challenge of opportunity

    Xi Jinping delivers a report to the 19th CPC National Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, Oct 18, 2017. Speaking at the opening session of the Communist Party of China's 19th National Congress, Xi laid out his vision for an increasingly prosperous China as the country embarks on a j


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