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  • Principle of gate driver

    What is a gate driver? Briefly, a gate driver is a snubber circuit that amplifies low voltage or low current from a microcontroller or other source. In some cases, such as driving logic level transistors for digital signal transmission, using the microcontroller output does not compromise the effici

  • Work and debugging methods before debugging

    After the circuit is installed, it is usually not necessary to rush to power up. You should check it carefully. The inspection contents include: (1) Is the connection correct?Check if the circuit connection is correct, including the wrong line (the end of the connection is correct, the other end is

  • Some problems in the debugging of electronic circuits

    (1) According to the working principle (schematic diagram and PCB) of the system to be debugged, draw up the debugging steps and measurement methods, determine the test points, mark the position on the drawing and the board, draw the debug data record form, and so on. (2) Set up the debugging workbe

  • Specific steps for electronic circuit debugging(II)

    (1) Power-on observation: Do not rush to measure electrical indicators after power-on, but observe whether there is any abnormality in the circuit, such as whether there is smoke or not, whether there is abnormal smell, hand-integrated IC package, whether it is hot or not. If an abnormality occurs,

  • General steps for electronic circuit debugging

    Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners pay attention to "looking, smelling, asking, cutting", in fact, the same is true for debugging circuits. First of all, "looking", that is, observing the welding of the circuit board, mature electronic products are generally welded problems; The second "smel

  • Structure and characteristics of several commonly used capacitors

    Capacitors are commonly used electronic components in electronic devices. The structure and characteristics of several commonly used capacitors are briefly introduced below for your reference. 1. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor:It is made of an aluminum cylinder as a negative electrode, a liquid ele

  • Alternative problem of tantalum electrolytic capacitor

    Among the commonly used electronic components, capacitors are the most complex types of components and specifications, especially in order to meet the requirements of different circuits and working environments. Even capacitors with the same capacitance value and rated voltage have many different ty

  • Film capacitor manufacturer positioning

    The film capacitor can be developed to today's Chengdu thanks to the development of the market. The market is a big demand for continuous improvement. If there is demand, talents will continue to innovate on its development. Film capacitors have been slowly integrated into our daily lives. As a film

  • Why is the film capacitor better than the metal foil capacitor?

    Both metallized film capacitors and metal foil capacitors are used on the market, and there are more people using metallized film capacitors. Why is this? According to the analysis of the principle, the film capacitor generally does not have a short-circuit failure condition, and the metal foil type

  • Quality Metal Film Capacitor Properties

    Whether the capacitor manufacturer wants to produce it, or the electrical industry wants, the quality of the metal film capacitor is what all manufacturers hope to have. The dielectric strength is the large peak voltage that the capacitor can withstand at the rated room temperature. It can be measur


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