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  • What is the large capacity of ceramic capacitors?

    Ceramic capacitors are capacitors whose dielectric materials are ceramics. They can be classified into low frequency ceramic capacitors and high frequency ceramic capacitors depending on the ceramic materials. Classified according to the structure, it can be divided into a pellet capacitor, a tubula

  • Why new energy vehicles choose film capacitors

    With the development of technology, the application fields of electronic components are becoming more widespread and frequently used. Some small partners don't understand why new energy vehicles choose film capacitors. This article is simple for everyone to answer! There are generally three places i

  • Can ordinary resistors replace thermistors?

    Can ordinary resistors replace thermistors? I believe that everyone is concerned about this issue. Ordinary resistors cannot be replaced with thermistors. Because the resistance of the ordinary resistor is almost constant, it does not change with temperature, and the temperature value of the thermis

  • The frequency characteristics of the film capacitor are compared with the electrolytic capacitor

    Film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors are not unfamiliar to everyone, and often see that the small partners will propose which of the two capacitors will be better. The advantage of the capacitor is that it is displayed on its own strengths, and the effect is better! Then the frequency charact

  • The capacity of the monolithic capacitor is insufficient, there will be problems.

    Monolithic capacitors are another name for multilayer ceramic capacitors, referred to as MLCC, and are widely used in electronic precision instruments. Various small electronic devices are used for resonance, coupling, filtering, and bypassing. With the development of technology, the application of

  • Method for avoiding damage to film capacitors

    With the development of technology, electronic, home appliances, communications and other industries have become shorter and shorter, and film capacitors have become an indispensable electronic component for the upgrading of the above industries due to their good electrical performance and high reli

  • High-voltage ceramic capacitor manufacturing process

    High-voltage ceramic capacitors are high-voltage ceramic capacitors used in power systems. Generally, high-voltage ceramic capacitors are used in power metering, energy storage, and voltage division. High-voltage ceramic capacitors have been widely used and not in the LED lamp industry. The high-vol

  • Talking about small high voltage film capacitor

    There are many types of film capacitors, mainly polyethyl hydride capacitors, polypropylene capacitors, polystyrene capacitors and polycarbonate capacitors. So, do you know what a small high voltage film capacitor is? Don't worry, the following small series will tell you about it. A small structured

  • The larger the capacity of the film capacitor, the better?

    Due to its excellent performance and suitable unit price, thin film capacitors are widely used in electronics, home appliances, telecommunications, electric power, electrified railways, hybrid electric vehicles, wind power generation, solar power generation and other industries, and become indispens

  • The role of parallel ceramic capacitors at the power switch

    The ceramic capacitor is a capacitor made by extruding a high dielectric constant capacitor ceramic barium titanate titanate into a circular tube, a disk or a disk as a medium, and plating the silver on the ceramic as an electrode by a sintering method. Good characteristics, good insulation, high vo


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