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Design principle and Construction of Capacitor

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Polyester film or polypropylene film functioning as the medium, zinc aluminum alloy adheres to the surface of metallized film by vacuum evaporation to form an electrode. Capacitors are formed by winding or laminating without inductance. Metallized film capacitors have many advantages such as high voltage, high insulation resistance, good impedance frequency characteristics (smaller parasitic inductance, lower ESRs, high capacity stability, low loss angle tangent.

Metallized thin film capacitors are used in watt-hour meters for signal transmission, coupling, voltage lowering, and so on. As a coupling capacitor, metallized polyester film capacitor can couple AC signal or pulse signal to the back stage without attenuation because of its high insulation resistance. At the same time, it does not affect the DC working point of the rear stage (figure C1, C2, C23).Metallized polypropylene thin film capacitors are used as step-down capacitors because of their low loss angle tangent and high capacity stability (using special process to prevent corona from decaying). Ac high voltage can be reduced to meet the requirements of the lower AC voltage circuit, replacing the original transformer, making the product smaller, more stable performance (figure 2 C1).


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