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PET Film

Polyester film is kind of important products in the field of non-fiber applications, in the current mainly refers to the form of polyester film made of ethylene terephthalate from polymers of poly family,its abbreviation is BOPET, the full name is Stretching polyester Film.Adopting the polyester (PET) slice as main raw material,the product is output of high-grade plastic film after biaxial stretching, with high transparency, avirulent sipidity,high tensile strength, good stiffness, anti-burn crack, unbreakable, excellent electrical and optical properties,good performance on oxygen barrier and moisture barrier, cold-resistant (-70℃), heat-resistant (200℃), and possessed chemical resistance and excellent systolic stability.
Product feature of PET film for capacitor use: good insulation properties, good dielectric properties, chemical resistance, heat shrink, and stable thickness.
  • Wire 

  • <= 10uf 

  • 250VAC 

  • CBB61 



  1. Material:Plastic
  2. Width:Film Slit Width±0.3mm
  3. Inner Diameter:75mm +1.0mm/-0.5mm  

2、 Roll Outer Diameter

Roll Outer Diameter of PET film


3、 Specifications of BOPET film

Specifications of BOPET film

4、 Packing

  1. Roll films are packed in vacuum plastic bag
  2. Bags are marked with lables of types
  3. The bags are packed in carton cases
  4. The cartons are wrapped in wooden cases or reinforced carton 

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