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Lithium Battery Separator

In the structure of the lithium battery, separator is one of the key components. The properties of the separator determines the interface structure, resistance of the battery, directly influencing the capacitance, circulation, safety and other properties. High performance separator is very important to improve the comprehensive performance of the lithium battery.
The main function of the separator is to separate the positive and negative pole, in case of the short-circuiting due to the contact of the two poles. Furthermore, it also help the electrolyte ions pass through. The material of the separator is non-conductive. Its physical and chemical properties have a great impact on battery performance. The parator
will be different according to types of batteries. For lithium battery series, the electrolyte is an organic solvent system, which requires a solvent resistance separator material, generally using high strength porous polyolefin film.
  • Wire 

  • <= 10uf 

  • 250VAC 

  • CBB61 



1, Using no secondary granulation technology, product has better performance of uniformity and consistency.

2, Using imported raw materials, the product has better solubility resistance, electrochemical and stability.

3, Single dry-way biaxial tension technology, without solvent and inorganic filler.

4, Environment non-pollution, the entire production process is completed in a clean room.

5, High temperature resistance, low heat shrinkage.

6, The thickness and permeability can be designed according to customer demand. 

7, High longitudinal and transverse tensile strength.


  1. Material:Plastic
  2. Width:Film Slit Width±0.3mm
  3. Inner Diameter:75mm +1.0mm/-0.5mm 

3、 Roll Outer Diameter

Roll Outer Diameter   

4、 Specifications of Lithium battery separator

Specifications of Lithium battery separator

5、 Packing

  1. Roll films are packed in vacuum plastic bag
  2. Bags are marked with lables of types
  3. The bags are packed in carton cases
  4. The cartons are wrapped in wooden cases or reinforced carton.
    Lithium battery separator

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