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Why does CBB film capacitor heat up obviously when it is working?

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Many capacitors generate a lot of heat when they work, but some capacitors do not generate much heat. As for the CBB film capacitors, will they heat up significantly during use?


1. The CBB film capacitor does generate heat, but it does not generate much heat.

Theoretically speaking, the CBB capacitor will not generate heat, because it is an energy storage element. Theoretically, there will be no power loss when it is used, so it will not generate heat. The ideal capacitor has no loss, but this is only ideal. In reality, the capacitor has an equivalent resistance, which causes the ripple to produce a varying current on the equivalent resistance. When the ripple voltage appears at both ends of the capacitor, the voltage at both ends of the capacitor changes continuously, and a changing current is formed, even intermittent pulsating power, which makes the poles in the dielectric material of the capacitor oscillate, thereby generating heat. Causes the capacitor to heat up.


So although theoretically speaking, CBB film capacitors will not generate heat, but in fact they will generate heat, but the heat will not be too large, the heat is not very obvious, and it has little effect on the life of the capacitor.


2. Why does the CBB film capacitor heat up obviously when it works?

Possible reason 1: Excessive ripple current, high withstand voltage, etc. These are all caused by improper shape of the capacitor. The wrong shape of the CBB film capacitor may indeed cause the capacitor to generate heat when it is working.


Possible reason two: There are other electronic components with high heat generation around the CBB film capacitor. Due to the poor heat dissipation, the temperature of the CBB capacitor increases. This is caused by the heat conduction of other electronic components.


Possible reason three: I bought cheap and inferior CBB film capacitors. Due to the price war, many small factories and unbranded CBB capacitors will use inferior film. This film is easy to break down, the aging rate of the medium is too fast, and the lifespan is too long. If it is reduced, it will become a thermal breakdown, which will cause damage to the capacitor. Therefore, if you buy inferior CBB capacitors, the capacitors may heat up significantly, have a short life, and are easily damaged.


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