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What is the role of film capacitors in many fields

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What role does film capacitor play in these fields

Film capacitors are widely used, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, fans, power supplies, and so on. Film capacitors are also involved in the transportation industry, and the motor cars we are familiar with also have film capacitors. Let me explain to you what role film capacitors play in the application field.

1)Application in power electronic circuits. Film capacitors are used here, mainly to buffer and clamp the power current, resonant bypass, and suppress electromagnetic interference from the power supply.

2)When the film capacitor is used as a bypass, it mainly plays a role in reducing the impedance of the DC bus and absorbing the ripple current from the load, thereby effectively suppressing the fluctuation of the DC bus voltage due to a sudden load change.

3)When the device is used in a resonant converter, it can perform the function of realizing resonance together with the inductor.


Film capacitors play different roles in unused areas. We must be clear about the application of film capacitors, so that they can be used more easily. If you have technical questions, you can consult us, we can provide samples for free, and more high-quality film capacitors are available in Anhui Saifu Electronics.


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