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What is the Difference Between PC Pulse Capacitor and Metal Film Pulse Capacitor?

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PC capacitors, also called special pulse ceramic capacitors, are made from ceramic dielectric PC dielectric with dielectric constant of 400.

Pulse capacitors are mainly used in high voltage test technology, high energy physics, laser technology, oscillating circuit, geological prospecting and other fields, which are the most common in military equipment. It's mainly used to store energy and release it in a very short period of time. To form a powerful shock current, impact power.

The most commonly used pulse capacitors were made of metallized polypropylene film. These polypropylene film capacitors tend to be oily and too large. Because it is made of layers of thin film, Therefore, this polypropylene film capacitor can not meet the high-end demand of electrical designers. Moreover, the self-healing of thin-film capacitors is often troublesome for technicians: it is not easy to find out which is the bad capacitor. More importantly, Designers hope to find a high reliability, high energy density capacitor.

PC capacitor linearity is very good, charging discharge crisp. In general, the pulse power supply must use multiple capacitors in series and parallel, so there is still a problem of installation. PC capacitors can not only be cylindrical, but also can be made into blocks. This is very convenient for users to do series-parallel structure.

Service life is another headache. The life of metal film capacitor is not ideal, and the pulse life of PC capacitor is more than 1 million times.


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