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What are the main characteristic parameters of multi-layer ceramic capacitors? (II)

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4.Insulation resistance: used to indicate the size of the leakage of electricity. Generally, the capacitance of the small capacity is very large, and the insulation resistance is very large, in the hundreds of megaohms or thousands of megaohms. The insulation resistance of electrolytic capacitors is generally small. Relatively speaking, the larger the insulation resistance is, the better the leakage current is.


5.Loss: the energy consumed by a capacitor during heating in a unit time under the action of an electric field. These losses mainly come from dielectric loss and metal loss. It is usually represented by the tangent value of the loss angle.


6.Frequency characteristics: the property of the electrical parameters of a capacitor changing with the frequency of the electric field. Capacitors operating at high frequencies will decrease correspondingly due to their low dielectric constant at low frequencies. The loss also increases with the increase of frequency. In addition, at high frequency, the distribution parameters of the capacitor, such as the electrode resistance, the lead and the resistance between the poles, the inductance of the pole, the inductor and so on, will affect the performance of the capacitor. All of these make the use frequency of capacitors limited.


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