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Three methods of discharge of high voltage capacitors(I)

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The reason for the discharge of the capacitor is that the electric capacity is stored inside after the power is broken, so we should try to put the charge out of the capacitor, otherwise the electric shock will occur easily. The common high voltage capacitor should be how to discharge, today the small editor to share three ways to give everyone, the discharge of high voltage capacitors is not the same as the ordinary capacitor.


The discharge of a general capacitor is short if the positive and negative poles of the capacitor are short circuited. And the high voltage capacitor usually does not direct short circuit discharge, in order to avoid the contact of the bad capacitor, and (at the same time the sound is so chilling) can choose the appropriate resistance or discharge with the large electrical appliances such as the desk lamp, the electric soldering iron, or the related voltage gear of the multimeter. The time can be a little longer, and it can be carried out many times. This is done until the end is done.


Specific steps of high voltage capacitor discharge

Method 1:

① Remove the electrical power.

Use a resistor of 20000 ohms and 2 watts, which can be bought in most electronics stores, and the price is very cheap.

Connect the probe of the resistor with the terminals of the capacitor to discharge the high-voltage capacitor.

If the capacitor has three terminals, please connect the resistor to an outside terminal and central junction column, and then connect with the remaining terminal and central terminal.


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