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Three Common Problems of High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors

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FAQ 1: what are the advantages of high voltage ceramic capacitors? 

In the process of circuit design and practical application, the biggest advantage of high voltage ceramic capacitor is that this kind of high voltage capacitor has very high current climbing rate, especially suitable for large current loop structure without inductance. This advantage makes it suitable for the choice and use of high-voltage substation field. At the same time, the high voltage capacitor of this material also has high stability, its capacity loss changes with the temperature frequency, and its own special series structure also makes it very suitable for the long-term stable work in the high voltage pole environment.

FAQ 2: how to judge the quality of HV ceramic capacitors? Can I measure it with a multimeter?

In the application of high-voltage ceramic capacitor, engineers can judge whether the capacitor has been damaged by judging the appearance of the capacitor. Usually, when the surface of the high voltage capacitor cracks or even cracks, bloated, indicating that the capacitor itself has been broken down, can no longer be used. It is also possible to measure the quality of high voltage capacitors with a multimeter. Directly test both ends of the resistance. If you use a pointer multimeter, like most capacitors, you can see the pointer from small to large a swing process, and then according to the normal way to measure the good or bad capacitors can be judged. However, it is important to note here that when measuring the microwave oven special high voltage ceramic capacitor, the pointer swing of the pointer multimeter is not a regression infinity, but 10 m.

FAQ 3: How to discharge the high voltage ceramic capacitor safely?

When discharging high-voltage ceramic capacitors, we must follow a correct order, otherwise it is easy for the operator to be injured in the first-rate charge. The first thing we need to do is to unplug the electrical power supply, and then we need to remove the repair panels covered in the back of the equipment or in the front of the equipment, under the door of the box. Normally, high-voltage ceramic capacitors are located in the housing above the motor / compressor unit, looking like a large dry battery.

After finding the high-voltage ceramic capacitor, in order to ensure the safe discharge of the high-voltage capacitor, we need to use a 20000 ohm, 2-watt resistor to complete the discharge work in the next work. First, we connect the probe of the resistor to the terminal of the capacitor to discharge the capacitor in this way. If the capacitor has three connecting posts, then the resistor can be connected to an external and central terminal, and then to the remaining external and central terminals. After the capacitor is discharged, the technician can perform repairs.


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