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The structure and characteristics of polypropylene capacitors

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Polypropylene film capacitors are organic film capacitors. The dielectric is polypropylene film. There are two types of electrodes: metal sink type and metal film type. The wounded elements as capacitor core are encapsulated with epoxy resin or packed in plastic and metal casings. Package. Polypropylene capacitors made with metal film electrodes are called metallized polypropylene film capacitors.


Polypropylene film capacitors have the following characteristics:

1. The capacity range is wide, ranging from thousands of picofarads to tens of microfarads.

2. Good temperature resistance and high insulation resistance.

3. Metallized polypropylene film capacitors have good self-healing ability.

4. The loss tangent is small and the high frequency characteristics are good.

5. Small size and reliable work.


Polypropylene film capacitors can be used to replace paper and mica capacitors. They are mainly used in AC, laser, coupling, filtering and compensation circuits, and are widely used in household appliances.


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