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The problem that film capacitors face in new energy vehicles

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Film capacitors have many excellent properties and are excellent capacitors. Its main characteristics are as follows: small size, no polarity, high insulation resistance, wide frequency response, its single working voltage can reach thousands of volts, no need for charge and discharge equalization control, can directly connect multiple film capacitors in parallel, Improve the overall working capacity.


The self-healing properties of film capacitors, the analysis and research of temperature characteristics and frequency characteristics, as the feasibility of auxiliary power sources for new energy vehicles. The results show that the film capacitors have good self-healing ability, strong over-pressure resistance, wide operating temperature range and good high frequency. As an auxiliary source of new energy vehicles, it has obvious advantages.


The use of it as a brake in the recovery of raw materials can improve the performance of electric vehicles and extend the service life of batteries, thereby solving the problem of low-vehicle and cruising range of new energy vehicles. Since the capacity of film capacitors will gradually decrease with the use time, and the ability to withstand large currents is limited, which restricts its application in the field of new energy vehicles, it needs to be studied in one step to be used in actual production. I believe that this problem will be solved in the near future.


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