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Special considerations need to be taken between capacitors

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In electronic circuit applications, it is common to replace various electronic components. What are the main considerations for replacing tantalum capacitors with chip capacitors? What are the main reasons for their replacement?


1. Reliability issues. Tantalum electrolytic capacitors have the potential to cause smoke and fire when a short circuit fault occurs. When smoke and fire occur, it is fatal for electronic products equipped with tantalum electrolytic capacitors.


2. It is a problem of raw materials.is a rare metal, and its origin is one of the few in the world. Therefore, if there is political turmoil in the place of production, it will fall into a situation of skyrocketing prices and unstable supply. As long as the raw materials are rare metals, it is impossible for users of tantalum electrolytic capacitors to completely avoid such risks.


The solution to these problems is to replace the tantalum electrolytic capacitor with a chip capacitor. SMD capacitors are much less likely to emit smoke and fire than tantalum electrolytic capacitors. In addition, because of the use of rare metals, prices and supplies are more stable. There are also some advantages that tantalum electrolytic capacitors do not have.


There are two main advantages. First, it can reduce the mounting area. Because the capacitance of the chip capacitor is larger per unit volume. The other is to reduce the output ripple voltage when used in an output smoothing circuit such as a DC-DC converter. The reason is that the Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) of the chip capacitor is low.


It is necessary to pay attention to the output smoothing application. It is not the case that the tantalum electrolytic capacitor is simply replaced with a chip capacitor, and the operation is finished.


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