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Protective measures for film capacitors

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Capacitor is a very important electronic component in the circuit, so we must pay attention to protect it when using it, and extend its service life as much as possible.  Fortunately, when we buy, we can test the withstand voltage and leakage current, and do not miss any tiny places. These tests can help you detect the capacity of the capacitor, so as to prevent the capacitor and the electrical appliances from being damaged by the too low capacitance value.


1. Strengthen the inspection and inspection of the film capacitors during use, so as to formulate a regular inspection time period to check whether the shell, mounting bracket, and connection points of the capacitor are firm, if the shell of the film capacitor is damaged, etc.  In case of the situation, the operation must be stopped to avoid accidents. At the same time, attention must be paid to the cleaning and cleaning of dust.


2. Pay attention to the operating temperature of the capacitor. Under normal circumstances, pay attention to the temperature of the shell of the parallel capacitor of the film capacitor. If the temperature is too high, you must find out the specific cause and deal with it in time.


3. Strictly control the voltage of the capacitor. The voltage of the capacitor usually has its own operating law and should not exceed its rated range, otherwise the temperature of the capacitor will be too high and its aging speed will increase.  The higher the voltage, the faster the aging and therefore the shorter the service life.  It is very necessary to take the current protective measures and must not be underestimated.


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