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Nomenclature and composition of film capacitor packaging

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Film capacitors can often be seen in people’s daily lives. LEDled energy-saving lamps, TV set-top boxes, photo flashes, watt-hour meters, computers and peripheral equipment can all be seen in the back, so you know how it is named ? What is its naming convention? The article will give you a detailed introduction to the naming conventions of film capacitor packaging and the actual significance of the packaging.


Naming Specification for Film Capacitor Package

The voltage rating of general film capacitors is 6.3V, 10V, 16V, 25V, 50V, etc. The model specifications of domestic capacitors are generally composed of four parts (the sense of discomfort is for pressure sensitivity, variability, and vacuum pump capacitors). Each successively means name, raw material, classification and number.

The first part: The name is expressed in English letters, and the capacitance is C.

The second part: raw materials, expressed in English letters.

The third part: classification, generally expressed by numbers, and some expressed by English letters.

The fourth part: serial number, expressed by numbers.


Use English letters to express the raw materials of the product: A-tantalum electrolysis, B-polyethylene and other non-polar plastic films, C-high frequency porcelain, D-aluminum electrolysis, E-other raw material electrolysis, G-aluminum alloy electrolysis, H-composite material, I-laminated glass glaze, J-metalized paper, L-polyester cloth and other optically active organic chemical plastic films, N-niobium electrolysis, O-film, Q-paint layer, T-high frequency porcelain , V-Biotite Paper, Y-Biotite, Z-Paper


The practical significance of film capacitor packaging

1. Electrolytic capacitors are generally composed of metal material foil (aluminum/tantalum) as the positive electrode, metal material foil insulating plastic film or electrolyte solution high polymer;


2. Manganese dioxide is generally used for the negative electrode of tantalum electrolytic capacitors. Because they all use electrolyte solution as the negative electrode (note the difference with the electrolytic medium), electrolytic capacitors are famous for this.


3. Optically active electrolytic capacitors generally function as switching power supply filters, decoupling, data signal coupling, time constant setting, and direct current blocking in the principle of switching power supply or high-frequency and high-frequency power circuits. Generally, it cannot be used to communicate the principle of AC switching power supply. When used as a filter capacitor in a DC stabilized power supply circuit, its anodizing (positive stage) should be connected to the positive polarization of the power supply voltage, and the negative pole (negative stage) should be connected to the power supply. The negative terminals of the voltage are connected to each other, and they cannot be wrongly connected, otherwise the capacitors will be destroyed.


4. Electrolytic capacitors are widely used in electrical products and various electronic equipment, with a large volume range, generally 1~1000μF, and a rated working frequency range of 6.3~450V. Its disadvantages are dielectric loss, large volume deviation (large allowable error of +100%, -20%), weak heat resistance, and long storage time, which is very easy to be invalid.


Common package types of film capacitors

Film capacitor packages can generally be divided into three types according to specifications: wire type (also called in-line type), buffalo horn type (also called solder pin type), and anchor bolt type.


The most common type of soldering pin is the two-angle soldering pin, but it is also the triangular soldering pin, the four-angle soldering pin and the polygonal soldering pin of non-standard models.



Common: wire type aluminum electrolytic capacitors, solder pin type aluminum electrolytic capacitors: two-corner and four-corner, anchor bolt type aluminum electrolytic capacitors


Uncommon type: Triangular solder pin type aluminum electrolytic capacitors, solder plate type aluminum electrolytic capacitors


How film capacitors are composed

Electrolytic capacitors have optical rotation, why do they also have optical rotation?

Generally speaking, electrolytic capacitors are used in rectifier circuits and cannot be used in communication. It is precisely because of this that a certain difference in optical rotation is necessary. If the parts are distinguished, the difference can be carried out as follows: The long side of the lead pin of the lead pin terminal is positive ○+The short side of the lead pin is negative ○Waterproof casing mark, expressed with gray and black thick lines Negative level.


The difference between raw materials is as follows:

Aluminum foil: The aluminum foil is stripped into aluminum foil and non-chemically formed aluminum foil.

Formed foil: applied on the positive level.

Especially refers to the aluminum foil that can be printed with working voltage, and most of the foils applied to the working voltage according to the specifications and models are distinguishable.

Non-formed foil: applied to negative stage

Unformed foil means unformed aluminum foil, in other words, it refers to aluminum foil that cannot be applied with a working voltage.


Why is electrolysis paper used?

Electrolytic method paper:

1. It is sandwiched between the formed foil and the unformed foil, and is used as an insulator. In other words, it is placed in order to avoid the short-circuit failure of the positive foil and the negative foil.


2. Absorb and save the lithium battery electrolyte.

Why are other raw materials and parts used?

Lithium battery electrolyte can be said to be a lithium battery electrolyte for drivers, which is a mixture of multiple drugs, and can be differentiated according to the applied working voltage, temperature characteristics, and types of capacitors.

After the vulcanized rubber rewinding machine, the element is impregnated with lithium battery electrolyte to wet the aluminum shell. If it is placed in the air, the soaked drug will volatilize. Because of this, the element is put into the aluminum shell and covered with vulcanized rubber. Tighten the aluminum shell for complete sealing and apply vulcanized rubber and aluminum shell.


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