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Method for distinguishing thermistor and fixed value resistor

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In general, the identification of the thermistor and the fixed value resistor are often distinguished by the detection device. Directly use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the resistor. When the resistance is touched by hand, the resistance value will start to change slowly. After the hand is released, the resistance value will slowly recover. This resistance is the thermistor. Generally, the resistance of the resistor is basically constant.


From the analysis of the shape, the two resistors are also very different. The ordinary resistor is basically cylindrical; the thermistor is generally disc-shaped, round-shaped, and can never be cylindrical. The so-called constant resistance refers to a resistor having a certain resistance value. It is a component that is used more in electronic instruments. There are many types of fixed-value resistors, and with the development of science and technology, new types of resistors are constantly appearing.


There are logo codes on the fixed resistors. The resistance code is usually composed of four parts: model, nominal resistance, rated power, resistance error level or tolerance. When the resistor is in use, it mainly consumes a certain amount of power, but it should not exceed the rated power, otherwise the resistance value of the resistor may change or even burn out the resistor. For the same type of resistor, its power rating can be estimated based on its geometry and surface area.


The type of the thermistor is MF or MZ, and the shape has a glyph shape, a straight rod shape, etc., and most of them are negative temperature coefficients, that is, the temperature rises and the resistance value decreases, which is abbreviated as NTC thermistor (MF). The positive temperature coefficient, the temperature rise resistance also rises, referred to as PTC thermistor (MZ).


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